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Hi, my name is Fahad. I am the Electrical MEP Design Engineer in the Dubai for over three years now.

Fahad Mep engineer

Fahad Farooq is experienced in the HVAC industry, installing, maintaining, troubleshooting malfunctions for all sorts of complex heating/ventilating/air conditioning systems! He can’t wait to test equipment for refrigerant leaks, evacuate systems, or recharge refrigerants using chemical dryers or evacuation pumps as needed. And if you’re looking for someone who knows their way around tubing valves fittings piping welding brazing soldering.

I am a skilled and experienced MEP Design Engineer with over 3 years of experience in the trade. I have been installing, maintaining, testing, repairing, and replacing various types of thermostats and related equipment used for the control of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems. I also perform preventive maintenance on all HVAC systems such as water coolers, refrigerators, etc. My goal is to provide high-quality work that will last long into the future while providing excellent customer service at an affordable price.

I am a skilled and knowledgeable Electrical MEP Engineer who is proficient in Designing, installing, checking, and maintaining various types of MEP Products. I am also capable of using pneumatic and electrical devices to check control installations. Whether it’s an issue with the wiring or some other problem that needs to be fixed, I have the skills necessary for diagnosis and repair.

Fahad Farooq started his website to share his past experience and knowledge in the field of humidity control. He has a lot of valuable advice for visitors and writes great articles with lots of information about home humidity control .

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Arslan Latif

A  Dehumidifier enthusiast, who want to remove humidity from home. It is my hobby to collect Dehumidifier of different kinds and try to live life in comfort. This is all I do to explore happiness by magnifying my beautiful world.