Aprilaire 1830 Basement Pro Dehumidifier Vs Frigidaire 70 Pint Dehumidifier- Which Is Best For You?

Are you confused because you can’t seem to figure out the best dehumidifier to remove unwanted moisture from your space? If that’s the case, then your troubles are over since we have done an analysis of the two best humidifiers for your home, to let you decide which is the ideal option for you.

Since excess moisture at your home can cause allergies, asthmatic problems, and suffocation, it is essential to get your hands on the most suitable dehumidifier. Moreover, more humidity provides ideal temperatures for bugs and fungi survival.

Keeping in view your troubles, we have put up a detailed comparison of AprilAire 1830 Basement Pro Dehumidifier vs Frigidaire 70-pint Dehumidifier, so you can analyze which one is a worthwhile investment. Let’s get straight into it to know more!

Aprilaire 1830 Basement Pro Dehumidifier

Dimensions              12.5 x 14.5 x 25 inches
Color                          Grey
Capacity   160 cubic feet/minute
Weight     67 lbs.
Warranty                  5 years

Aprilaire 1830 Basement Pro Dehumidifier is designed with specialized aluminum coils that are wear-resistant so your dehumidifier can last long. Built with a continuous operation mode, this dehumidifier provides a quality solution to excess moisture in your space. With this product from AprilAire, you can reduce humidity to as low as 60% or less.

If you’re looking to reduce carpet dampening, mildew, and unwanted odor, then this dehumidifier is for you since it is built to control sealed spaces and basement humidity. The good news is, that it can remove up to 9 gallons of water per day. So, why wait any longer to get your hands on Aprilaire 1830 Basement Pro Dehumidifier?

What’s more, is the ergonomic design this dehumidifier has to offer the users. It is extremely easy to set up with no messy water tray. Simply attach a pipe, or put up the dehumidifier over a drain and plug it into the power source. Once you set up the required humidity level, you are good to go.

With Aprilaire 1830, you can protect your home, and health and save energy and extra costs. You just have to set it to run and rest assured that as soon as extra humidity is sensed, dehumidification will start instantly.

  • Made up of wear-resistant aluminum coils.
  • Backed by a 5-years warranty.
  • Easy to access in any space.
  • Interactive display.
  • Doesn’t work with 60 Hz power sources.


  • Made up of wear-resistant aluminum coils.
  • Backed by a 5-years warranty.
  • Easy to access in any space.
  • Interactive display.


  • Doesn’t work with 60 Hz power sources.

Frigidaire 70-pint dehumidifier

Dimensions 15 x 11.6 x 24.4 inches
Color                         Grey & white
Air Capacity  277 cubic feet/minute
Weight    47 lbs.
Warranty   2 years

Do you wish to make damp and mildewy spaces in your home a bit more appealing? Don’t worry, Frigidaire 70-pint dehumidifier has got your back! It helps you get rid of bugs and insects by cleaning up the air around you. Not only this, it eliminates germs to make breathing comfortable for you.

If you place this dehumidifier near a drain, it provides you with continuous operation. Also, it features a convenient electronic control, a digital humidity reader along with a control lock. Its ability to operate at low temperature saves you energy and cuts down on your costs.

Further, Frigidaire 70-pint dehumidifier is specially-designed to suit users’ needs. For instance, it is portable with a handle located at the top, with casters and side handles to maximize mobility and convenience. You definitely don’t want to miss out on the amazing features and minimalist design this product has to offer you!


  • Side handles and caster wheels for portability.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Pocket-friendly operation.
  • Automatic shutdown.


  • Large footprint.

Aprilaire 1830 Dehumidifier vs Frigidaire 70-pint dehumidifier- A Detailed Comparison

To help you figure out the differences between the two dehumidifiers, here’s a thorough comparison for you! Now, you may find it easy to select the right one for your home.

·        Quality of the Dehumidifier

Both of these dehumidifiers are rigid in terms of quality. However, due to the corrosion-resistant aluminum coils of the AprilAire 1830 dehumidifier, it tends to last longer. On the other hand, Frigidaire 70-pint is smaller and more polished. It has an exterior made of plastic to give a modernized look.

·        Portability

Aprilaire 1830 weights 67 pounds while Frigidaire 70-pints dehumidifier weighs relatively lower i.e., 47 pounds. While Frigidaire dehumidifier has caster wheels and handles, AprilAire 1830 has no wheels and is heavier, offering little to no maneuverability. Thus, it is easier to move around Frigidaire 70-pint model.

·        Ease of Use

Aprilaire 1830 features an interactive display that makes operation easy. Also, you just have to clean the filters once a year for this model. This model starts automatic dehumidification when the humidity goes higher than the target. Frigidaire 70-pint dehumidifier offers a digital display and handles for easy relocation of the appliance. Also, setting it up is very simple too and you require no manual for the job.

·        Power Consumption

In the case of AprilAire 1830, a power source ranging from 110V AC to 120V AC would work. In contrast, to carry out 70 pints per day, a Frigidaire dehumidifier needs a standard 115V electrical outlet. This means that there isn’t much difference when it comes to how much power each of these dehumidifiers consumes.

·        Level of Noise

Aprilaire 1830 Basement Dehumidifier creates no noise. It is as quiet as some unnoticeable background music or conversation going on at a normal pace. Hence, you can rest assured to not be bothered while you rest in your bedroom. Whereas, a Frigidaire dehumidifier can be a bit noisier when you run it with the fan on high. 

·        Operating Temperature

The operating temperature of AprilAire 1830 is between 50F to 110F. On the contrary, the low-temperature operation of Frigidaire i.e., 41F saves your power and energy.

·        Warranty

Aprilaire 1830 Basement Pro dehumidifier is backed by a 5-year warranty to facilitate its customers. Whereas, Frigidaire 70-pint humidifier offers a 2-year warranty to its users.

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Bottom Line

When comparing AprilAire 1830 Basement Pro Dehumidifier vs Frigidaire 70-pint dehumidifier, it’s critical to think about key variables when choosing between these two dehumidifiers. You can choose the best fit for your home once you’ve matched your requirements with their features.

Analyze the comparison we have provided to pick out the best fit for you. Hopefully, this article has answered your queries. In case of any more confusion, feel free to reach out!

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