8 Best Dehumidifier For Closet In 2022

If the clothes, shoes, or bags in your wardrobe are giving out a damp smell and mold, we have the perfect solution for it a closet dehumidifier.

The best dehumidifier for a closet is one that can be placed in the most tightly sealed environment. There are many ways to seal off your closet, but a standard solution is using plastic wrap over doorways and windows. This will keep heat from escaping and moisture from entering the area where you’re keeping your clothes. 

Some closets may also have an AC unit installed specifically for this purpose as well. Once your clothing has been stored in a dry place, it’s time to use a dehumidifier on the inside of the door or wall nearest to those items. Positioning it close enough so that air circulates freely helps reduce dampness while maintaining freshness and reducing musty smells! 

What are some things to consider before making a purchase? You want it dependable, easy to use, energy-efficient, and long-lasting. All of these factors should help make your decision easier!

If you are looking for the best dehumidifier for the closet, we are here to give you details about the best eight dehumidifiers for the closet.

How To Select The Best Dehumidifier? [Buying Guide]

A dehumidifier can be selected depending on various factors. Your room’s humidity amount determines what size you need – if your goal is to purchase a high capacity for larger rooms with more moisture or low power for small rooms and medium-sized spaces. Here are some essential factors to look at while buying the best dehumidifiers.



The size of your closet or wardrobe is important before confirming the purchase. You may need a medium-sized dehumidifier for larger spaces, but you can always use smaller models if it’s not too big, and they’ll take much less time to adjust the humidity in the targeted space. Also, consider energy efficiency because many modern units consume little power yet are still powerful enough to get rid of moisture efficiently while saving money!


You might not enjoy emptying the water reservoir of your dehumidifier often. That’s why it is good to buy one that needs less maintenance and less time spent on tank management. A large water-capacity model is perfect for this situation, but some types don’t have any tanks!

Easy to use:

People love the dehumidifier that is easy to operate. User-friendly controls allow users to use it with ease. Some come with a digital control panel, and others have basic manual settings for controlling humidity levels effortlessly. Still, they all do a fantastic job at drying out clothing or other items in your closet!


Always look at the warranty of the dehumidifier. Try to choose the dehumidifier with the maximum warranty period so you would not face any problem if your dehumidifier is not working. 

8 Best dehumidifier for closet Review

1.Eva-Dry Wireless Mini Dehumidifier, White (E-333)

closet dehumidifier

Product Specification & Key Features:

  1. The product dimensions are 9 x 8.25 x 2.88 inches; 14.39 Ounces
  2. The weight of the item is 14.4 ounces
  3. The manufacturer is Momentum SM
  4. 5-year manufacturer warranty
  5. Cordless dehumidifier 

Tired of damp, musty spaces in your home? Eva-Dry has the perfect solution! Introducing the revolutionary wireless mini dehumidifier. All you have to do is hang it up and go! Rest assured that while you go about your daily life, this little guy will constantly be at work getting rid of excess moisture from small rooms (up to 333 cubic feet) with non-toxic pet and child-safe materials.

Eliminate moisture in any environment with this small, wireless dehumidifier! The Eva-Dry Wireless Mini Dehumidifier is cordless and rechargeable lasts up to 4 weeks before recharging. It’s so easy to use because you just plug it in for 10 hours a day or more and let the device do its job without worrying about cords and batteries. 

Eva-Dry comes with an AC adapter that will work on 110v AC power as well as 220v if you’re outside of North America. Wirelessly fights pesky humidity anywhere – cars, closets, boats, cabinets, gun safes, gym bags.

The perfect gift for anyone who needs some dryness! Plus, there’s no fuss or bother – just one power cord for convenience. Say goodbye to moisture on surfaces like wood floors and mold under wallpaper and different kinds of odors.

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Sleek and compact design
  • High-quality built-in material
  • Wireless mini dehumidifier
  • Gets hot sometimes in the extreme summer season

2. SEAVON Electric Dehumidifier for Home, 2200 Cubic Feet 

mold in closet on shoes

Product Specification & Key Features:

  1. The product dimensions are 6.5 x 5.3 x 11.5 inches
  2. The weight of the item is 2.4 pounds
  3. The manufacturer by SEAVON
  4. It comes with a 1-year warranty
  5. No batteries required

Do you know what’s so great about this SEAVON Electric Dehumidifier? Without even really trying, it does all of the hard work for you. The result is dry air and a more comfortable sleep environment. SEAVON Electric Dehumidifier was designed to make your life better. This lightweight room table device works in small spaces and is easily installed wherever you need it most.

Equipped with a water tank, this dehumidifier will shut off automatically when the water reaches its maximum capacity, which means no more dreaded overflows! It also features a convenient switch for easy control so you can have your air moisture-free even on the go.

It’s time to take care of yourself after long days at work or play! SEAVON is here to help provide dry, breathable air with our sleek and straightforward handy product.

Keep your living space from becoming damp and moldy by investing in SEAVON. The handy dehumidifier is not only energy-saving with a rated voltage of 9V and current at 2.5A, but its small size will give you plenty of storage room for other things. This bad boy is perfect for anyone looking to dry out their home as quickly as possible!

  • Small in size with beautiful design
  • Perfect for small rooms and kitchens
  • Best dehumidifier for traveling
  • Compact design
  • Cheap in price
  • Not used for big rooms

3. Hysure Dehumidifiers – Upgraded 700mL

what absorbs moisture in closets

Product Specification & Key Features:

  1. The product dimensions are 13.94 x 6.57 x 4.45 inches
  2. The weight of the item is 2.7 pounds
  3. The capacity of this dehumidifier is 700ml
  4. Manufactured by hysure
  5. Convenient and safe to use

Hysure’s upgraded dehumidifier is a simple solution for your home. Our compact design uses up to 700mL of water per day, great for rooms up to 220 Sq ft (perfect for bathroom and bedroom!). With the capacity to store enough moisture in its reservoir for 30 hours, you could leave it on all night without refilling! Simply plug into AC outlets or any computer port with a power adapter and enjoy removing moisture from your space with our portable yet powerful machine.

Keep your whole house dry. Hysure dehumidifiers are great for basements and other damp environments, automatically shutting off when their maximum capacity is reached with a light indicator to help operate the product more efficiently. 

Energy Efficient saves up to 45% less energy-consuming than similar dehumidifiers for basements. With a whisper-quiet operation, this appliance is fit for bedrooms, bathrooms, and offices so you can have peace of mind knowing that if it gets too moist in there, the Hysures will make sure all humidity remains safely outside of your home!

The best dehumidifier you will ever buy is. Do your future self (and the planet) a favor and just click that button now, so you don’t have to go out in public or talk to the person for any reason anymore. You deserve it, we promise!

  • Best dehumidifier to use at home
  • Energy-efficient save upto 45% of energy
  • Comes with dc adapter, which is 100% safe to use
  • Perfect dehumidifier for this price
  • Gives you long-lasting results
  • Not suitable for extra expansive rooms

4. Pohl Schmitt Electric Dehumidifiers for Home

absorb moisture in closet

Product Specification & Key Features:

  1. The product dimensions are 11.22 x 6.34 x 5.28 inches
  2. The weight of the item is 1.06 pounds
  3. The capacity of this dehumidifier is 700ml
  4. Manufactured by Pohl
  5. Low energy consumption 

Keep your home fresh and dry with Pohl Schmitt’s electric dehumidifier. This machine is great for spaces up to 225 square feet, which should be plenty big enough for most people. In just one day, it can remove up to 10 ounces of water from the air.

If you want an easier time breathing in your home with relief from pollen or pet dander, then this compact device will do the trick to regulate your humidity levels so that they feel just right!

Pohl Schmitt Electric Dehumidifiers are light enough to quickly move from room to room with their 17-ounce water tank. It operates without a compressor, which means it is ultra-quiet and smooth as silk. A perfect daily companion for any basement, laundry area, cellar, or bathroom!

Look, if you know anything about humid climates around the world, you already know that finding a dry place to live is nearly impossible. So, of course, when I found out my home was the definition of “humid,” I got an old-school dehumidifier hooked up right away and sat back while this thing did all the work for me.

But even though it helped me breathe better – guess what? This thing couldn’t do laundry or keep cereal fresh! Enter Pohl Schmitt dehumidifiers, which are guaranteed to make your home feel dry on the inside and lovely on the outside. This machine can help with clothes and furniture too! It handles any job necessary to keep your family safe from mild.

  • Very powerful and efficient
  • Very lightweight and easy to use
  • Comes with extra benefits for your home
  • Energy saver
  • Perfect for cabins
  • Not recommended for large spaces

5. New and Improved Eva-dry E-500 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier

dehumidifier for 2x2 grow tent

Product Specification & Key Features:

  1. The product dimensions are 5.5 x 2.5 x 5.5 inches
  2. The weight of the item is 1.8 pounds
  3. Manufactured by Eva-dry
  4. 5-year manufacturer warranty against defects
  5. Silent when operating 

For those unfamiliar with the benefits of such a tool, this dehumidifier is like an air purifier. But instead of just taking away dirt and smog particles in the air, it’s also removing excess humidity from your basement or other rooms that have a problem with high humidity levels. 

There is no need to worry about spills because once this refillable device has finished sucking all of its 20 ounces worth, it will automatically stop working; until then, every day, it will be cleaning up around .9 gallons – woot! The Eva-dry Renewable Mini Dehumidifier creates healthy indoor air quality without releasing CFCs that can cause ozone depletion and damage our planet’s protection.

You’re looking at the new Eva-dry E-500 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier. We’ve got a brand new design and a quiet minor operation, as well as ten years’ worth of clean air service! This little sucker is tough on moisture but has an easy recharging system that’s way too fun to detail right now. Simply put your recharge adapter in any household outlet and leave it for 12 hours – Voila! The perfect home appliance for winters like this one!

  • Safe and reliable to use
  • Long-lasting results
  • Compact and elegant design
  • Noise-free
  • The price is affordable
  • Thin plastic is used in manufacturing

6. AirBOSS Air Freshener & Moisture Absorbent Lavender 

airboss closet dehumidifier

Product Specification & Key Features:

  1. The product dimensions are 15.9 x 10.5 x 5.5 inches
  2. The weight of the item is 3.09 pounds
  3. Manufactured by Willert Home Products
  4. Comes with a lavender scent
  5. Highly recommended for small space

Keep your things nice and dry with airBOSS. We’ll trap the dampness right when it enters an enclosed space, protecting all your belongings against mildew or musty odors that can be trapped in tight places. Compact and cordless for easy mobility, our small dehumidifier works excellent in closets or spaces without much room to spare. Stylish and functional, this is one Air Freshener you’ll want around all year long!

Clean up the air in your home with our new airBOSS Air Freshener. Refresh your surroundings with lavender’s relaxing aroma or a crisp citrus scent no matter what the season. Our automatic deodorizer is perfect for big spaces like kitchens because it has an adjustable nozzle that will disperse its refreshing smells to fill the room automatically every day. Imagine fighting bathroom odors all day long! With Air Boss Home Cleaning Supplies, all you need is one of our new toilet bowl cleaners, and some dishes & you’re done!

The airBOSS Air Freshener can control a room with up to three million bacteria per cubic foot of air. That’s a lot of funk for just one cubic foot — and we know what that smells like. Introducing the heir apparent to your home: the most potent odor eliminator around, only this time with added freshness from essential oils. Get ready for some sweet-smelling, sanitized living spaces in no time flat with the power of airBOSS!

  • Perfect for small space
  • Very easy to use
  • Comes with extra benefits for your home
  • Energy saver
  • Perfect for cabins
  • Expensive as compare to others

7. DampRid – 3 Fresh Scent, 3 Lavender Vanilla – Refillable Moisture Absorber

keep it dry closet dehumidifier

Product Specification & Key Features:

  1. The product dimensions are 14.18 x 9.56 x 5.37 inches
  2. The weight of the item is 10.5 ounces
  3. Manufactured by WM Barr
  4. Ideal for washroom use

DampRid has the power to banish those weird damp, and musty smells that can creep up on you. Stop letting pesky odors get in the way of your night’s sleep, concentrate on work, or entertain guests without fear of “wet dog” smelling rooms. Banishing humidity is a breeze with DampRid!

We don’t think you can have too much of a good thing, so we made this package of six 10.5-ounce cups that will last you up to 60 days, depending on temperature and humidity. We offer DampRid 3 Fresh Scent in three different scents, including lavender vanilla. So spoil yourself with our triple combo pack!

Keep your home smelling fresh and neutral with one of these products that will leave you feeling refreshed, clean, and looking like a million bucks. Use the DampRid 3 Fresh Scent variety for something low in maintenance due to a lavender vanilla blend.

DampRid is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional smelly, chemical odor eliminators. The environmentally friendly crystals supplement your a/c unit by eliminating moisture and controlling mold and bacteria growth.

Simply open the bag of damp rid crystals, pour into the A/C filter canister when not in use, close the lid. For continuous fresh air after the crystal has dissolved, pour the contents of the A/C filter canister into the toilet and add more crystals for 99% efficiency.

  • Ideal for bathroom and kitchen
  • Comes in packet forms
  • Towels get drier faster
  • Comes with a light vanilla scent
  • Sometimes it makes your doors stick.

8.KT POWER Electric Dehumidifier 2300 Cubic Feet

closet dehumidifier home depot

Product Specification & Key Features:

  1. The product dimensions are 6.2 x 7.2 x 11 inches
  2. The weight of the item is 2.3 pounds
  3. Manufactured by KTPOWER
  4. High-efficiency work

Sometimes summer is just too hot. And sometimes the air’s stuffy and muggy, or for whatever reason, you’re feeling claustrophobic in your own home. That’s precisely what this KT POWER electric dehumidifier 2300 was created for: to help keep you cool and dry inside, working hard at extracting up to ONLY 9oz of water per day from that confined environment, no matter how cold it gets outside (limited extraction when temperatures fall below 40F).

Now with the KT POWER, humid days won’t ruin your relaxing time. Its whisper-quietness leaves you to bask in sweet silence for a good night’s sleep. Thermo-Electric Technology (Peltier) operation with an ultra-quiet noise level of 35db and auto shut off function protects from overflow risk. According to research, if the moisture in the air, 55% can breed uncomfortable and other health problems.

Stay cozy and dry. The KT Power Electric Dehumidifier 2300 is an excellent protection for your family from the wet basement, humidity in the home, or any other place you might need it. Just plug it into an electrical outlet and enjoy low-cost heat. You can always buy this as a gift to your friend, who has had mold issues before – with its hassle-free features and handy design, people will love getting one too!

  • Ultra-Quiet and Create Healthy Environments
  • Tank extracts up to 9oz of water
  • Easy to Empty and Clean
  • Auto Shut-Off When reached maximum capacity
  • Save Space and Portable
  • Only for small rooms

Final Thoughts

Knowing which one is right for your home can be challenging with so many different types of dehumidifiers on the market. We’ve done our research and found some great products that will help you sleep soundly, knowing your clothes are free from mold or mildew! 

You need a product with a high-quality fan and an automatic shutoff timer, so it stops working when the water tank is full. And if you want something compact, we recommend this Eva-Dry model because it has condensation collection capabilities while also being easy to move around. 

Frequently Asked Questions[FAQS]

1. Should You Buy A Larger Dehumidifier?

A damp basement is a common problem, but if you’re not experiencing excessive humidity in your space, buying a larger dehumidifier might be overkill. A small, compact and affordable unit will work just fine for the perfect services of reducing moisture levels near clothes or shoes close to where water may have leaked into from rain or overflow.

2. How do I control the humidity in my closet?

Putting a layer of Silica gel, chalk, or washed charcoal in your closet can help to absorb moisture and humidity. You may also use dried rice puffs which will activate when they contact the humid air.

3. What would cause mold in a closet?

You can be living in an area that is too dry for your clothes to survive, or you may have a water leak. To save the day and prevent mold from forming on your closet’s walls, take some immediate action, like drying out fabric with towels, so it doesn’t “host” any moisture after washing.

4. Where to Place a Dehumidifier in the Closet?

A dehumidifier’s placement in a closet is critical to ensuring even humidity levels throughout the space. Place it at eye level and ideally as close to the center of the room as possible for equal coverage. If you notice mildew growth on your clothes or other items inside of drawers, place dehumidifying bags into protective storage containers such as plastic boxes first before placing them in these closets so that they work correctly when needed most!

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