The Best Dehumidifier for Drying Clothes Indoor

Drying clothes in an RV can be tricky. I’ve tried drying my clothes outside on the line, but it’s not always sunny and warm enough to dry them properly. And when you’re traveling, there are no laundromats nearby to use, and most of the time, campgrounds don’t have laundry facilities either. 

We often end up with damp clothing that smells too musty or mildew from being stored all wet after our travels – which is just downright uncomfortable! So how do we fix this? Well, one way is by using a dehumidifier for drying clothes while traveling in an RV! 

There are two main reasons why RVers would need to dry their clothes. First, because the inside of an RV is not well ventilated, and it can become damp from being close to water. Second, if you find yourself in a wet or humid climate and it’s been raining for days, your clothes will most likely be soaked through with moisture from the air.  

Until now, there was no way to efficiently dry one’s clothes without taking them out of the trailer and drying them outside on a line, but this has all changed thanks to the new dehumidifier by DeLonghi! This product is small enough to easily place in any size vehicle, including an RV or camper van. 

If you’re an RV owner, traveler, camper, or RV’er and require a dehumidifier for drying your clothes, then this blog post is for you. I’ll go over the different types of dryers on the market and how to use them best. Let’s get started! Here is the list of the best five dehumidifiers for drying clothes.

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Top 5 Best Dehumidifiers For Drying Clothes:

Yogi Brand (12 Pack) Moisture Absorber Bag, Fragrance-Free, Dehumidifier Bags

dehumidifier for drying clothes

Yogi products are one of the most highly demanded in existence. This absorbing bag absorbs all the moisture out of clothes, washrooms, or small spaces. It works perfectly by absorbing all the unwanted smells or odors. You can use it simply by hanging it into your closet, to remove all the dampness and excess moisture. It contains activated charcoal that absorbs all the impurities or allergens from the air thus making your small spaces smell good and dampness-free. 

Susceptible To Use:

 It does not shrink surrounding plants, furnishings, or household items. You can simply hang the bags and replace them after two months or when you feel the bag is condensed with a lot of water.

Extra Powerful Humidity Controller:

It is a smart control of humidity. It has the efficiency to control the humidity and dampness of the air. It has 225 grams of spherical calcium chloride mixed with the activated bamboo. It removes all the allergens that may give you a harsh breathing effect. You will notice it does not only traps all the dampness but also gets rid of bad smells that may be coming out of your closet whenever you open it.

No Fragrance:

One of the amazing features of this yogi dehumidifier pack is that it does not give any sort of essence to the space where it is placed. It has no smell. Therefore, it is good not to smell the dehumidifier pack essence from your dresses, furnishing, or other items. Also does not emit any sort of bad smell even after two months of usage.


BambooBreeze’se amazing air purifier can be used at several places in your house. This can be used in any small to large space. Suitable for drying clothes, basements, cabins, bathrooms, garage, and other enclosed spaces. 

You can use one pack of Bamboo Breeze Moisture Absorber for around 60 days after opening or when you notice that the bags are full of condensation.

It does not harm any of your essentials in the place around it just traps all the humidity. Furthermore, it protects your designer clothes from allergens or bad smells. Because these humidity absorbent packs don’t contain any such material that can harm any of your shoes, clothes, devices or so.

  • It provides you 20% additional charcoal in each bag described in current products in the demand.
  • It comes with a great money-back guarantee feature.
  • It has about a 12 Month’s Warranty
  • It may leak if not placed or used properly.

Honeywell TP30WKN Energy Star Dehumidifier

best dehumidifier 2022

 This amazing gadget covers an area of about 1000 cubic feet. This is just perfect for small rooms and crawl spaces up to 1000 sq ft. It has an Anti-Spill design that won’t let the liquid splash anywhere. Containing the filter change alert that reminds of draining the filed tank. So that it won’t splash or spill.

Honeywell Company:

Honeywell Dehumidifier is the No.2 top-rated 2020 product. It has a smaller cavity yet is efficient and great by CR reports and has been estimated by this autonomous, U. S. -based commodity safety-testing mechanism. Back in 2016. All Honeywell Dehumidifiers are supported by a long, five-year warranty.


Honeywell dehumidifier is not limited to one or two places, Containing Can is placed at several places on your h. The best of which could be to keep your clothes in front of the dehumidifier. To get essentials dry and unwanted smell-free air for yourself.

It can also be used in the living room where you can enjoy your movie with the happy breeze. You can use this gadget in your washroom as well to lessen the dampness. In the gym to inhale better air and do the exercise peaceful without any sweat smells 

Clever Control :

Smart digital humidistat control automatically activates humidification based on pre-set room conditions. What else? 24-hour energy-saving timer, sleep mode, low-temperature up the operation, auto-restart after a power outage, and smooth-gliding wheels make this Honeywell Dehumidifier a quiet & invaluable addition to almost any moisture-ridden room.

  • This portable device is strong, durable, and efficient.
  • Long-lasting
  • It has a smart controller to set several levels of humidity.
  • It has a timer to control the timing of running the dehumidifier
  • It is less efficient for large spaces.

TCL 20 Pint (1,500 sq. ft.) Portable Dehumidifier 

clothes drying room dehumidifier

This is one of the finest dehumidifiers that can be used for bedrooms and offices. It weighs about 34.6 pounds. 

It has precise humidity control. It can be better called an environment stabilizer and a 24-hour timer for improved endurance. However, it has the capability to auto restart, turn back on, and maintain the previous settings and auto defrost protection at low-temperature levels. For continual drainage, you can use a hose and fix it in accordance.

Proceeds Automatically:

If you hate issues when you shut your dehumidifier and lose all the previous settings. We suggest that the TCL Auto-restart mode ensures your dehumidifier unit begins automatically to give comfort even after an energy outage.

Auto Defrost:

The auto defrosts and cold seasons operation functions guarantee the coils will not stiffen even in frigid or defrost situations (41° F) for continuous operation. Imagine you are trying to get rid of those wet towels, wet pillows, wet carpets, and your dehumidifier stopped dehumidifying because its coils got frozen. Well, it does not sound right. So what is best for you is a TCL dehumidifier that avoids any sort of unwanted issues.


You have the feasibility in this unit to automatically turn on or off whenever you want with the 24-hour timer. So you don’t have to worry about it.  It gives you alerts and notifies you when to clean the filter and empty the tank. Auto-Stop will automatically turn off the unit when the water tank dehumidifying

Washable Filters:

The washable filters protect your dehumidifier from dust and pet hair.

The washable and reusable filter helps protect the life of your dehumidifier while also reducing large airborne particles like dust and pet fluff. These washable filters are very easy to take out, wash, and fix back. 

  • It can remove 20 pints of water within 24 hours.
  • It is capable of removing all the dust and dirt from the air.
  • It has an elegant design.
  • It has a modern outlook with a compact size.
  • It is portable and easy to use.
  • You may find the setting tricky to understand.

Crane USA Dehumidifier Moisture Removal

best dehumidifier for drying clothes

Crane dehumidifier is one of the nicest devices to control humidity because it keeps your home free from humidity, dirt particles, faint order, and dampness. It works even more efficiently at specific temperatures. So without wasting your time let’s get onto the details.

Removes 600ml Water

It can remove about 600 ml of water per day. Keep your residence or basement free from mildew, mildew, and breathe a sigh of relief with the Crane Dehumidifier. The Crane Dehumidifier quickly and effectively reduces humidity in the aura, reduces bacteria, and odor through the compressor. It is amazingly efficient and durable at the same time.

Water Bucket:

The water bucket has about half a gallon of water. Which can be easily removed and fixed again. Consisting sensors which turn on alert light when full and when vacated it readily stops showing the alert light or alarm.


Crane’s dehumidifier works whisper hush which renders it an excellent option for sleeping, laboring, and studying. This characteristic enables es you to have it running all day or night with the tiniest noise issues for kids, light sleepers, or noise-sensitive individuals. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about it being loud.

Portable and Powerful:

 As the humidity rises the air gets thick and you feel it hard to breathe in such condensed air thus to make air lighter you can switch on a crane dehumidifier to get rid of it. Crane dehumidifiers may be smaller in size but have a great tendency to remove moisture. Make your air very light and inhale.

Work as a Purifier

It has full power control for purifying the air. It cleans up all the Anti-microbial 

material and reduces dust, dirt, and bacteria expansion by up to 99.96%. That means it assures a happy atmosphere and a soothing effect.

  • It has a small size that makes it perfect to fit in most of the smaller places.
  • It can be best used for drying clothes.
  • It acts as a purifier consuming all the dirt particles and dust mites.
  • It has a sleek and compact design.
  • It may work slowly.

Haier Portable 20 Pint Dehumidifier

dehumidifier for drying clothes

Hair is one of the most compatible brands you have ever heard of. Most of their appliances are widely famous around Asian regions as well because of their reliability and efficiency. Not talking about others but experiencing it by myself is what I am saying. The most fantastic features and the most popular brand. Hair 20-pint dehumidifier is capable of absorbing about 20-pint moisture every 24 hours.

This Haier dehumidifier provides the best dehumidifying experience as it is capable of removing up to twenty PPD of moisture from the specific location in a day with a capacity reaching 1500 sq feet.  This weighs about 35.6 pounds. Haier dehumidifiers are the colonists of introducing in-best dehumidifiers. 

The Haier 20 pint dehumidifier is an energy-efficient and self-contained dehumidifier that comes with susceptible quick installation. Consistinconsistingof of different fan speed modes. The noise level of the resourceful dehumidifier is 46 dBA.

20-Pint Dehumidifier:

This Haier dehumidifier can remove up to twenty pints of moisture from the room in a day with a capacity reaching 1500 sq feet, making it the best choice for satisfaction. 

Easy Installation:

It comes with an easy installation procedure. It is created specifically, catering to the needs of everyday use therefore it is very easy to install into the interior walls. It effortlessly installs through the given directions.

Tank Capacity

The dehumidification process runs through a tank. Which has a capacity of 1.8 gallons, is full or missing. the alarm will sound for 10 seconds to let you know it’s time to empty or replace the bucket.

Improved Air Quality: 

With Haier, you will not only enjoy the best dehumidification but also improve the quality of air such as prevention from molds or allergens. Breathe in the best quality air with haier. As it not only makes your living conditions better but also HAIER INSPIRED LIVING.

  • Easy to use and install
  • Portable and compact.
  • Dehumidify and purify the air
  • Give you a better and precise atmosphere to breathe in
  • Damp-free life prevails over a happy life.
  • The Alert light is seen in a few cases to stop working at the earliest.

How To Select Best Dehumidifier For Drying Clothes[Buying Guide]

Dehumidifiers are potent virtual powerful machines for any home with damp laundry. But which dehumidifier is best? We have some tips to help you find the perfect one! First, stay away from cheaper models that might not be up to your standards. Second, make sure it’s a size that will fit in where you need it most – like under your bed or on top of cabinets and closets (just don’t forget about voltage). Finally, if all else fails, go back into our post for more helpful hints on what features we think matter.


●    Positive Reviews

Buying a dehumidifier can be difficult because there is no way to inspect the product in person. When purchasing online, it’s helpful to read reviews from people who have bought and used that particular appliance model before. Read both negative and positive reviews, so you’re able to make an informed decision on which one suits your needs best!

●    Warranty

Guarantees are an essential element to a company’s ability to provide peace of mind and confidence in its product. This can be seen through the many guarantees that come with dehumidifiers, which range from 1-5 years, depending on the manufacturer.


You can’t go wrong with a dehumidifier, and if you want to make sure that it’s as safe for your family as possible, then invest in one of the models that remember settings during power failures. Plus, these will include other features like over-drying protection, child lock capability, so kids don’t accidentally turn on appliances or start them up too soon; an auto stop when they’re full of water… These are just some more reasons why a dehumidifier is such a vital appliance!

    High Quality

There’s nothing worse than purchasing a dehumidifier you think will work well, only to have it break down and not get the job done. When investing in this household necessity for your home or office building is essential that you spend time researching what brands might suit your needs best. Getting reviews from other customers can be helpful when making this decision too!

Final Thoughts:

Suppose you are looking for a dehumidifier that is easy to use, efficient at drying clothes and has the best value for your money. We recommend purchasing the Meaco 25L Low Energy Dehumidifier. Honeywell TP30WKN Energy Star Dehumidifier comes with 3rd party safety certification and a warranty which means it will last longer than some other brands on the market today! You can order online or find local retailers in our store locator, so be sure to check out what this gem of a machine can do when it comes to keeping your laundry clean and dry.

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