Best Wall-mounted Dehumidifier for Smart Home

Damp houses with high moisture levels become host to many problems such as fungal growth, poor quality of air, dust mites, different types of allergens, mold growth, etc. Wallpapers and paint of walls are also greatly affected by damp conditions. 

And if you are the one suffering from this problem don’t worry. As every problem comes with a solution, especially in this era of technology. Modern solutions are there, to control the humidity. Several dehumidifiers are available in the market and if you face a shortage of space then you can go for wall-mounted dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers are installed to reduce the moisture levels in the surroundings. Surprisingly, a dehumidifier works great in sucking all the moisture from the air and makes it dry. By using a dehumidifier, you get to control the level of moisture and air quality. Dehumidifiers fight with moisture and protect the surrounding from getting damp. 

Wall-mounted dehumidifiers are a great option as it not only protects from exceeding moisture but works great without making clutter on the floor. Modern dehumidifiers not only dehumidify but also improve air quality leading to better health and better surroundings. 

In this review article, we are going to review some of the best wall-mounted dehumidifiers for your living space or basements that will regulate humidity levels and resultantly provide an appropriate and well-suited environment for your house. Let’s dive deep to know more stay with us. 

Six Best Wall-Mounted Dehumidifiers in 2022

Innovative Dehumidifier Systems IW25 In Wall Mounted Dehumidifier

Best wall mounted Dehumidifier in 2021

This innovative dehumidifier provides the best dehumidifying experience as it is capable of removing up to twenty-five PPD of moisture from the room in a day with a capacity reaching 1500 sq feet.  This weighs about 36 lbs. Innovative dehumidifiers are the pioneer of introducing in-wall dehumidifiers. 

The IW-25-3 is an energy-efficient and self-contained dehumidifier that comes with easy installation, directly into interior walls. The airflow on a higher level is 188 and on the lower level is 165. The noise level of the innovative dehumidifier is 46 dBA. The dehumidifier runs on 240 watts and 2.5 amperes.

25-Pint Dehumidifier

This IW25 dehumidifier can remove up to twenty-five pints of moisture from the room in a day with a capacity reaching 1500 sq feet, making it the best choice for comfort. 

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Easy Installation

It comes with an easy in-wall installation procedure. It is created specifically, catering to the needs of daily use therefore it is very easy to install into the interior walls. It effortlessly installs into the 16’ wall studs. 

Tank Free

the dehumidification process runs tank-free as the water directly drains into the plumbing sources or available hub drain.  

Tamper-Proof Unit

There is a lockout control system and also humidity control system installed into the tamper-proof cover. 

Improved Air Quality

with IW25, you will not only enjoy the best dehumidification but also improve the quality of air such as prevention from molds or allergens. Breathe in the best quality air with IW25.  

  • Strong humidity control
  • Easy installation
  • Quiet operating system
  • Compact design
  • No remote control operations
  • Installing requires in-wall wiring

Shinco 1,500 Sq. Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier

Cheap wall mounted dehumidifiers

Shinco dehumidifier is an outstanding device to remove excess humidity and give you a comfortable atmosphere. Shinco is the finest company that guarantees quality products. This is a company with 20 years’ experience in making dehumidifiers and air conditioners.

Therefore, we can regard shinco as the finest product. It weighs about 28.7 pounds (ca. 13 kg), with specific dimensions as 13.5×9.4×20.1 inches (ca. 51 cm).

This dehumidifier is incredibly powerful, as it has the maximum potential to remove from 30 to 60 pints (ca. 28 l) per day.

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ENERGY STAR Certified Dehumidifier: 

It not only works great but also saves from 10% to 50% of electricity.  Therefore, you have the feasibility of saving money.

Portable and Silent:

This is one of the outstanding characteristics of this portable gadget, which means we can easily move it or take it wherever we want to. Therefore, we can say that this gadget is not only easy to move but also silent because it does not create loud voices. It has a 48 dB peak sound so that you rarely discover it’s there. In general, 50 decibels is possibly just as audible as ordinary chitchat.


It provides you the ease of a better life by giving healthy, clean air to breathe in. It covers an area of 4500 sq ft (ca. 4 a). Therefore, it can be best used in washrooms, living rooms, basements, and bedrooms. Similarly, it promotes your health by avoiding irritable and harsh air. 

Timing Boot Function

You can set a timer. Turning a timer on you can mean drying clothes or reducing humidity. Hence, if you are planning to go, set the timer and enjoy a comfortable atmosphere on return. 

Power Mode

You can simply turn your dehumidifier on or off with barely a touch. You can choose automated or continuous drainage. 

Child Lock

Along with other advanced features, you get a child protection lock option. Therefore, your child is neither going to disturb the setting nor going to make any unwanted changes. 

Full Tank Reminder

The full tank reminder takes care of any splash or spills of water. As it gives you a visual light turn on and Audible alarm sound alert. So, you just have to make a move and empty the water tank.

LED Display

Shinco 4500 sq ft (ca. 4 a). The dehumidifier has an LED display with several options which may include humidity level, timer, inner dryer, and much more.

Inside Drying

The inside dryer mode helps you to watch out for any sort of inner mildew, mold, or dampness.

Advanced Options

It has two operational modes for drying clothes or dehumidifying. It has an automatic drainage system through a built-in pipe. So, you can enjoy the feasibility of continuous drainage.

  • It can dehumidify large spaces easily.
  • At a specific temperature, it gives the feasibility of dehumidifying 60 pints (ca. 28 l) of water per day.
  • Incredible modern options through which you can enjoy a better life experience.
  • The drainage needs to be near the unit. Which could be tricky.
  • No instructions included.

VAVSEA Small Electric Dehumidifier:

top in wall basement dehumidifier

This is a mini portable dehumidifier that is capable of removing humidity from an area of about 1200 Cubic Feet (215 sq ft). This portable dehumidifier is not only small but quiet. It can be used for the eradication of high humidity in homes, bathrooms, bedrooms, basement, or offices.

Dampness Control

This is an electric dehumidifier for dampness with several features;

It has a full Indicator that changes from green to red LED Indicators. Revealing that the water tank is full. This amazing device is ideal for home, office, travel, or closet.


The air filter optimal functioning conditions are 41°F to 122° when below 41° the dehumidifier’s effect of dehumidification is not obvious.

Water Tank

This Vavsea dehumidifier can extracts up to 17 ounces of moisture per day and has a larger water tank capacity. It also includes an auto-turning off of appliance when it is full.

 Ula-quiet technology

It consists of thermoelectric cooling that is merely silent or whispers. Therefore, the energy-efficient with low power consumption, a mini dehumidifier creates enjoyment and is more comfortable for your family.

Portable and Compact

It is compactly adjustable to all the small spaces where you need it. It takes smaller space as the dimensions it has are 8.5 inches in length and 6 inches in width. These are the features that make it perfect to fit into your apartment small kitchen, bathroom, or living room.

It is portable. Hence you have the option for carrying it along and fix it where you desire to.

Help with Toxins and Allergens

It does not only removes humidity but also eliminates all the toxins and allergens that may be present in your atmosphere. Providing you the just as naturally purified air.

Dry Clothes Not Plants

Well if you have a plan to go out and your outfit is still wet. There is no need to worry about it all you gotta do is keep your clothes in front of the dehumidifier. Set the humidity level at high or moderate in accordance and get into the washroom to take bath. When you are done freshening up you will be astounded to see how incredibly dry your clothes are. However, this gadget does not result in any sort of damage to your plants, fruits, or other such items. There is no hurry to make any changes about their position because they are not gonna shrink or rot.

Naturally, Freshen Up Air

The best of all is the fact that it filters the air resulting in the production of purified air. Thus giving us a lively feel of breathing fresh and natural air.


For maximum dehumidification, you must close all the doors and the windows. So, that you can get maximum output from your dehumidifier.

  • It is quite affordable.
  • It has great workability.
  • It is small in size also is easy to carry.
  • It is susceptible to understand and manage.
  • It takes a plethora of time to remove humidity.
  • The water bucket gets tricky to pull out and fit in while planning to drain water.

Midea 4,500 Sq. Ft. Energy Star Certified Dehumidifier 

Cheap wall mounted dehumidifier

It is an ultimate dehumidifier as this Midea dehumidifier is capable of removing up to fifty pints of moisture from the room in a day with a capacity reaching 4500 sq feet. This weighs about 33 pounds. It includes reusable filters which are easy to wash. The operating temperature is between 41-95 degrees Celsius. Automatic shutoff features make it an easy and efficient option. Its controlling options make it the best choice even for two rooms and living spaces. 

Effective Removal Of Moisture

This smart and powerful Midea dehumidifier eliminates up to fifty pints of moisture from the room in a day with a capacity reaching 45, 00 sq feet. An excellent and complete choice for rooms, basements, etc. 


With effective energy efficiency and the best humidity removal, it is well suited to be placed in the basement and rooms. It offers an auto-start feature, providing uninterrupted dehumidification.  

Modern Design

It is designed according to the needs of modern customers and modern aesthetics. The look is slim-figured, sleek, and clean with a pleasing finish identification.

Quiet Operation

it maintains air quality and removes excess moisture effectively and efficiently. It is also capable of improving air quality by removing allergens and dust particles. It operates in low noise mode. The operational mode requires only 56 decibels of voice. Whisper-quiet operation is the best feature litter you can install in your bedroom or bathroom and it will work without noise or stuff. 

Easy Maintenance

simple operations include emptying the tank when it is full or you can just attach the drainage to a hose. You can set a timer according to your convenience and enjoy uninterrupted and timely dehumidifying operations. 

  • Energy efficient
  • easy to use
  • Eliminates maximum moisture
  • reliable
  • Noisey

Aprilaire 1820 Crawl Space Pro Dehumidifier:

wall hung dehumidifier

This Aprilaire 1820 dehumidifier is capable of removing up to seventy pints of moisture from the room in a day with a capacity reaching 28, 00 sq feet. There is a digital mount controller to operate it correctly. The controller also helps in operating other features such as level of dehumidification etc. 

The controller is wall mounted to carry easy operation and better reach.  The aluminum coil in it is effective in capturing moisture and is made of aluminum. The airflow capacity of the dehumidifier is nine gallons. It is indeed the best indoor dehumidifier for big spaces. It can cover the whole house easily and effectively. 


The aluminum coil in it is effective in capturing moisture and is made of aluminum. The coil is corrosion-resistant and designed according to premium standards. It works quite effectively in removing excess moisture and odor.   

70-Pint Dehumidifier

This Aprilaire dehumidifier is capable of removing up to seventy pints of moisture from the room in a day with a capacity reaching 28000 sq feet, making it the best choice for the comfort of big spaces. 

Large Coverage

This dehumidifier is quite powerful in action. It is capable of removing moisture from the room in a day with a capacity reaching 2500 feet. This is energy-star verified and best for less energy consumption. 

Digital Control

There is a digital mount controller with RH monitoring technology to operate the digital displays correctly. The controller also helps in operating other features such as level of dehumidification etc. The controller is wall mounted to carry easy operation and better reach. 

  • Live display
  • Controller with RH technology
  • Covers big spaces effectively
  • Excellent extraction capability
  • Controller requires hardwired for connection

Buyers guide

Here are some things which you need to consider before buying a wall-mounted dehumidifier. We will guide you on how to choose a perfect wall-mounted dehumidifier for keeping the ideal moisture level in your space. Here is a complete buyer’s guide for better understanding. Stay tuned. 


Before buying a dehumidifier, don’t forget to keep in mind the size of the area in which you are going to use it. A large humidifier tends to cover a large area and provide appropriate results according to spacing. Do consider the space in which you are going to install it whether it’s a wall or floor. If you have less space for installation then you should buy a wall-mounted dehumidifier.


Now that you have estimated the size, you need to figure out the technology you want for your living space, electric or non-electric. Electric dehumidifiers use electrical power to remove excess moisture. They run at approx 115 V and take ten to sixteen ounces of moisture daily. 

If you require instant and effective performance, an electric dehumidifier is great. Non-electric dehumidifiers are passive dehumidifiers as they contain a silica gel layer to absorb excessive moisture from the air. 

The particles are stuck in the layers and are absorbed by them. These humidifiers are less efficient and effective as compared to electric ones but these are the most cost-effective and budget-friendly. 

Dehumidifying Rate

The capacity of a dehumidifier to work properly and effectively is the first thing that you need to consider before buying a dehumidifier. The dehumidifiers on a large scale operational level take up to 20 oz water containment and the dehumidifier on a smaller operational level removes 8-12 oz. If the moisture increases then the capacity to remove will also increase resulting in more energy consumption.

Wire Clutter

If you want to be safe from wire clutter then wall-mounted dehumidifiers are a great option. It is obvious when you keep the device on the floor it will cause clutter due to some electrical or plumber source. If you choose a device with a wall-mount option then you don’t have to worry about clutter problems and additionally, you will save space. 

Functional Ability

Humidity and temperature are relative which raises the point of buying a humidifier that works irrespective of temperature whether it is low or high. The temperature should not affect the working of dehumidifiers in the living space or relative area. 

These days’ humidifiers are coming with another great feature which is purifying ability. This purifying ability helps the dehumidifier to remove any sort of odor, allergens, or dust particles. Better air quality will lead to better health.  

Child Safety

Wall-mounted dehumidifiers are the best option if you have children as keeping devices on the floor, unattended, could be dangerous for the children. Therefore, mounted dehumidifiers will be completely out of children’s reach and your child’s safety is protected. In simple words, in-wall dehumidifiers are great for dehumidification as well as for the protection of children. 

Wrap up

So this was all about some best dehumidifier suggestions. We hope that you find the provided products and information useful and make wise decisions regarding buying wall-mounted dehumidifiers.

To evaluate the cost-efficiency and performance of any dehumidifier properly, consider the pint capacity, area coverage, auto defrost, energy star efficiency, digital display, water tank capacity, level indication, and other important parameters. Therefore, choose wisely according to available space and mounting options. 


What should be the ideal dehumidifier? 

Humidity in an environment is necessary but exceeding humidity within the houses can be alarming as it can cause allergens, mold growth, and many other problems. The ideal level of humidity within the house should be between 45-50%.
If the humidity level exceeds this range then one has to face bacteria, pests, mold spores, etc. if the level of humidity is below 30% then diseases such as skin problems, respiration problems can attack.

Why are dehumidifiers so loud?

The setting of the product as well; if a fan is at high speed the noise will be more. Dehumidifiers also use compressors which are noisier than fans. The noise of the dehumidifier also depends upon the size as the larger the size of the fan and compressor the more noise it will produce but if the settings are on a low point then only white noise will be heard.

Where should one install the dehumidifier?

Well, it depends upon the needs of a user. Where there is an exceeding humidity level there will be a need for a dehumidifier. Most places where dehumidifiers are required are the basement, kitchen, laundry, washroom, indoor pool, etc. Dehumidifiers should ideally be mounted on the walls for less occupation of space. 

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