Can a Dehumidifier Dehydrate you?

Almost every other house and office has a dehumidifier to fight the extra moisture in the air. It has become a part of daily life. Although it has numerous advantages, there are people who complain about dehydration for running the dehumidifier for long hours. 

If you have the same question, then we are here to help you to clear all your confusion about the relation between your dehydration and the operation of a dehumidifier in your room. 

How Dehumidifier Works? 

The first thing is to learn about the working of a dehumidifier because you must know the processes that your appliances go through. Most people use the refrigerator dehumidifier, and it has the same operation as a refrigerator. 

It takes in the air from your room and then passes it through its coils to squeeze the extra water and drain it in the water tank or directly through the drainage hose. It then sends the air back into your room without any extra water or impurity. In this way, the users get to breathe healthy air and feel fresh and active. 

How to Operate your Dehumidifier to avoid Dehydration?

A dehumidifier works to extract out the extra moisture from your air. It cannot dehydrate you as most of the units stop working when they reach the optimum humidity level. 

Although it doesn’t dehydrate you still, there are a few measures that you must take in order to avoid any hazards by the unit, which includes drying the air extremely. 

  1. Ideal humidity set 

The optimum humidity level is between 45% to 55%. You should set an ideal humidity level for the operation so that the unit can stop the operation and stop drying after it. 

A few people face the issue of getting over-dried air by a dehumidifier is because their unit lacks smart technology or they set incorrect humidity levels, which results in a chaotic situation. 

  1. Automatic shut off 

The automatic shut-off is a smart feature in many dehumidifiers. It allows the unit to stop functioning without asking for any effort from the users when the dehumidifier reaches the ideal or optimum humidity level. 

So, next time when you buy a dehumidifier, make sure you get the one with an automatic shut-off to enjoy the operation with more ease and safety. 

  1. Supervision 

If your unit doesn’t have an automatic shut-off or ideal humidity set, then you should be doing frequent supervision of your dehumidifier as it lacks smart technology, so it might not stop the operation when the humidity reaches an optimum level. 

You may check the unit after two or three hours because it takes time to make your whole room free of extra moisture in a few hours. 

What is Dehydration?

Dehydration is a physical health issue that is faced by many people. It is the deficiency of water in the body which is needed to function properly. The symptoms are fatigue, dry skin, dry lips and tongue, frequent urination, and in some severe cases, the person can feel very sick and depressed. 

It is very important that you stay hydrated because your body fluids need it to function properly. If you face dehydration for longer periods, then you are very likely to get infectious diseases. Your brain also decreases its activity, and you are not able to think and solve problems efficiently. 

Main Reasons for Dehydration 

Dehydration is not due to the operation of a dehumidifier but all these other reasons which are mentioned below. 

  1. Sleeplessness and oversleeping 

When you are not able to sleep the required hours, then you might feel dehydrated because your body and brain are stressed more, and now it needs more water than before to function properly. 

Some people also feel dehydrated when they sleep for very long hours. It is because the body needed water, but they weren’t able to drink as they were in a deep sleep. So, when they wake up, they think that the reason for dehydration is the running operation of a dehumidifier. 

  1. Low water intake 

There is a daily water intake limit of a minimum of three liters of water for every healthy adult. Most people don’t focus on their drinking habits and drink very less water. 

Although the body requires more water, and when you don’t provide it with that, then you feel dehydration. So, you must drink three liters of water daily to keep your body healthy and active. 

  1. Infection 

If you get an infection, then it can result in dehydration. For example, in some infections, you get vomiting or motion very frequently, which makes the body lose water more frequently. 

So, when there is more output than intake of water, it results in dehydration. We suggest you drink more water and fluids when you feel sick. 

  1. Heavy exercise

When a person does heavy exercises, there is more sweat excretion, and it results in dehydration. So, when you are doing such heavy workouts, you should keep a water bottle with you to maintain the water levels in your body to attain a healthy lifestyle. 

Can a Dehumidifier Make You Sick?  

It is very unlikely that a dehumidifier can make you sick. It is to make your environment healthier, so your breath in it comfortably. It also makes your house more comfortable, and you feel better. 

Some people also use it as prevention against allergies and asthma as the air quality improves to a maximum level. 

If you use the proper way, then there is no way that you can feel sick, but if you don’t follow the instructions properly, then it might make the air drier. Dry air can make you a little dehydrated, and in some cases, your skin can get dry or rapture in some cases. 

How to Maintain Your Dehumidifier for better Functioning? 

If you want your dehumidifier to run efficiently and give you the best results over a long time, then you should maintain it by following the guidelines mentioned below. 

  1. Clean or replace filters 

The first thing is to focus on the filters. The market has both washable filters and replaceable filters units. It is up to you which one you like and buy. 

In both cases, you would need to do their Maintenance after three to six months. If your filter is changing its color, then it means that it I get dirty, and you should solve this problem in order to get better results from it. 

  1. Clean the machine 

Most of the people don’t pay any attention to the cleanliness of their unit. You should always focus on it and once a week wipe the dust from it and if you have a water tank, then clean it properly so no insects or other water microbes can stay in it. 

  1. Empty bucket quickly 

If you leave the water in the water tank of your dehumidifier, it can cause you a lot of damage as it becomes a place of growing infections and allergies for you. It can also damage the machine. 

So, in order to avoid any such condition, you should empty your bucket quickly, right after it reaches its full capacity. If you know that you would not be available to empty it at its full capacity, then do it at that moment so the operation can run continuously. 

  1. Frequent supervision 

Dehumidifiers now come with smart technologies and direct drainage options to put the users at more ease. Many people stop supervising them, and as a result, they lose the efficiency of their machines. 

Benefits of a Dehumidifier 

Following are a few benefits of a dehumidifier. 

  1. Optimum humidity 

Extra moisture can make you suffer a lot by growing mold, mildew, and spreading the bad odor in your house or office. A dehumidifier keeps the humidity at an optimum level and makes you enjoy better healthy and safe air in your rooms. 

In summers, it helps you to make your rooms cooler as higher humidity levels can make you feel warmer. Dehumidifying fights the heat by decreasing the high levels of moisture. 

  1. Protection 

A dehumidifier protects the health, infrastructure, and furniture of your rooms from getting mold, mildew, bad odor, and other allergies that you can get with high humidity. 

It is the easiest way to provide such ultra-protection in your daily lifestyle. 

  1. Healthy environment 

The dehumidifier not only extracts the extra water in your air but also improves its quality to 99%. It makes the users feel more active during the day and sleep more comfortably at night. 


A dehumidifier works for making your lifestyle healthier. It doesn’t make you feel dehydrated as it only takes out the extra water from your air. Dehydration has its other reasons, such as infections, sleeplessness, oversleeping, heavy exercise, and low water intake. 

It has its benefits as it gives you and your room ultra-protection from allergies, mold, mildew, and bad odor. 

We wish you luck with your dehumidifier and expect you to drink maximum water daily. 

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