Can you drink dehumidifier water? Is It Safe?

Being a water conservationist, you wish to know if you can drink dehumidifier water. Water conservation is always a big yes for human beings, provided they must not expose their health to potential risks. Though the dehumidifier water tanks fill up easily but don’t think to drink that water assuming it to be apparently clean.

Dehumidifiers are a good choice to clean air and make it fresh by removing bacteria and dust, particularly in the humid areas. Meanwhile, these dehumidifiers collect a lot of water that has an underlying reason for its NO.

Delve in to know the reason behind its no and how can you use that water?

Why is dehumidifier water not a good choice?

The working of a dehumidifier is similar to an air conditioner and works on two principles. The fan of it helps to pull the air filled with moisture from the surroundings and passes on the chilled coils. The cool air cannot retain moisture for too long. As a result, the air turns to be dry because of the formation of water droplets because of condensation.

After that, the dehumidifier blows the reheated air in the house surroundings. Meanwhile, the condensate droplets collect in the tank of the dehumidifier. Now, you have to use that distilled water in any other chores excepti drinking it.

There are some dehumidifiers that work on the duo of adsorption and absorption. The large water-filled cage moves around and captures maximum air humidity. Air gets less humid. Next, the electrical fan blows hot air which passes in front of the fan. Meanwhile, the remaining water vapours drain. Finally, there is clean air.

Both of the dehumidification processes work equally efficiently but the collected water still remains non-potable. Don’t confuse it with distilled water and consider it to be safe.

In this video Charlie Fleming Drinking Dehumidifier Water.

Is dehumidifier water distilled?

You cannot think of the dehumidifier water to be distilled because condensation cannot ensure distilled water. Bacteria and mold spores are likely to be present in the humid air, which the condensation process cannot remove. Dehumidifier water pH is 8.7-9.5 that again is not a suitable pH for drinking water.

The Environmental Protection Agency also confirms that stagnant condensate is a good harbor for biological contaminants like algae, mold, and mildew. It can also contain many metal residues and lead from the dehumidifier components.

Can you drink dehumidifier water if you boil it?

Don’t count it as distilled water even after boiling. It is merely because even boiling cannot remove some of the contaminants like metal residues and lead, collected while dehumidifying.

What can I use the water from the dehumidifier for?

  • Dehumidifier water for plants is perfect.
  • You can use dehumidifier water in a car battery.
  • Use it for the flushing of toilets.
  • Dehumidifier water is for cleaning the places after adding ammonia and cleaning agents.


Dehumidifiers are ideal for humid places to purify breathable air. However, it collects excess water in its water tank. So, you may think, can you drink dehumidifier water? But after knowing it’s working and the discussion above, you don’t think to drink the condensed water of dehumidifiers.

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