Colzer 140 Pints Commercial Dehumidifier Review

In-house humidity has many possible origins. It’s either because of poor construction, insulation or improper ventilation. Regardless, humidity levels higher than 60% are damaging to both your health and home.

Excessive humidity leaves water patches on your house interior, which if left untreated, leads to permanent damage. Moreover, mold and mildew thrive in humid places. These trigger various skin irritations and breathing issues.

The best means to fight off the musty misery is a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier extracts the excessive moisture and keeps the stickiness at bay. It sucks in the air and passes it through coils to extract the moisture from it. Finally, releases the dried air back into the room.

A dehumidifier is worthy investment for all humidity levels. Colzer 140 pints commercial dehumidifier is attracting the buyers right now. Let’s see if its worthy of all that renown or not.

Colzer 140 Pints Commercial Dehumidifier – A Detailed Review

Colzeris one of the most distinguished dehumidifier manufacturers. Their long-term engagement in the field has earned the trust of many customers worldwide. Without any further delay, let’s get into the meat and potatoes of the product!

Removal Capacity

The first and foremost thing to consider is the moisture removal capacity of a dehumidifier. Fortunately, this one from Colzer offers the strength of removing 140 pints from the air like a warm knife cutting butter.

Its pint scale makes it ideal for places upto 60,000 sq. feet. Hence, it is a go to when you are looking to remove humidity from large homes, basements, warehouses etc.

Moreover, it features a powerful airflow of 206 CFM. Meaning it supplies 206 cubic feet per meter, which turns the environment satisfying in no time. The high airflow capacity enables the model to deliver quick results while staying energy efficient.

Drainage System

For a gadget that works 24 hours a day, the working mechanism of drain is crucial. Of course, everyone wants an automated drain. But, the PD582A offers a manual drain as well. By default, the dehumidifier operates on the automatic drain. This drain works under the action of gravity when the hose emerging from the tank connects to a water outlet.

Since, it is a gravity fed hose, you need a sink lower than the unit, not higher.

However, you don’t have water outlets everywhere. Here, the manual drain comes in handy. You can easily take the tank out and replace it after removing its contents. For safety purpose, you should empty the tank before it fills up. 2 gallons may be hefty!

Available Modes

Colzer dehumidifier offers two different functioning modes. The dehumidifying mode and the laundry mode. The manufacturers have spared some time to incorporate a feature that helps you dry clothes in 6 to 8 hours even in a super humid weather!

The product throws a turbulent airflow from top and back that dries up wet laundry. However, if needed, you can conveniently adjust the deflector to versatile angles also.

Its dehumidifying mode works like a miracle as well. Possessing the capacity of reducing 80% humidity, it removes about 17 gallons per day without breaking a sweat.

Portable Design

Despite the large tank of 8L it is miraculously compact and lightweight. The brilliant white color of the unit adds an innovative touch to your home. The product extends to the dimensions of 13.4 x 13.4 x 28.7 inches and weighs about 50 pounds.

Its four 360-rotatable wheels combined with sophisticatedly designed handles enable you to easily move the unit around. The lightness of the model is also a plus when you are dealing with a commercially capable unit.

Automatic Turn Off

You wouldn’t want the dehumidifier spilling water when the tank fills up. Therefore, Colzer incorporated an intelligent detection system that shuts the machine when the tank turns full. Hence, avoiding overflow. So, if you forget to turn off your unit there is zero worry.

Similarly, the unit doesn’t suck the air rock dry. But, it turns off automatically when the preset level reaches. The intelligent turn off feature comes in handy to provide the right amount of moisture and helps save energy.

Digital Display

The display is the core feature of the unit. It shows the current temperature, the humidity level, the water tank status and mode selection along with other settings. The digital readings of temperature and humidity take guesswork out of the equation. Hence, allowing the unit to work as a hygrometer as well.

Colzer 140 Pints Commercial Dehumidifier

Child Lock

The most appreciated feature when you have little curious hands that easily reach the screen. You can trigger on the child lock by pressing the button for three seconds. The child lock mode prevents any modifications until turned off. This is not only good for children but also helps preserve the settings incase of accidental touches.

Set Up

Nobody would want a dehumidifier that is tedious to set up. The PD582A is ready to eradicate the humidity away straight out of the box. All you have to do is plug it in a power source and it is good to go.

Wide Application

Typically, the dehumidifiers designed for homes have around 70 to 90 pints. However, this unit with its 140 pints, suits well to larger spaces. As for homes, it can easily take on a couple of spacey rooms and show results in a blink.

So, if you are looking to get something that has the power of a commercial unit and sophistication of a luxurious one. The Colzer 140 pints dehumidifier is your go to.

Auto Defrost

Dehumidifiers are nothing but small air conditioners. Hence, they are prone to freezing out as well. Luckily, the model features a defrost option which shuts down the cooling process and uses only the blower until the ice melts. The normal operation resumes once the ice melts.

As a maintenance tip, you should know that it uses the refrigerant of modern day air conditioners, the HFC R-410A.

  • Easy setup
  • Automatic turn off feature for the set temperature
  • Dual modes
  • Perfect for large spaces
  • Compact and sophisticated design
  • Quiet operation
  • No remote controlling feature
  • May be pricey for some conditions

Our Verdict

The model comes jam packed with tremendous features. It is a commercial working unit yet it neither has the ear deafening noise nor the impossible weight. However, you need to keep in mind your needs. If you think you can easily make things work with a regular 70-pint unit, then you should go with it and save the extra dollars.

However, if you decide to pick the Colzer PD582A then it will be a good buy. Moreover, its Amazon reviews (majorly 4.5 stars) testify for its ultimate performance!

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