Danby 50 Pint Dehumidifier Review

Mold, mildew, and bad odor are now common problems of almost every other house or office. All of them are caused by higher humidity levels. If you are suffering from the same problems, then you need a Danby 50-pint DoE dehumidifier to solve them. 

It has been one of the best-selling dehumidifiers for its highly efficient operation with smart and intelligent technology. If you are interested in buying it and need a detailed review, then you are on the right page. 

Danby 50 Pint Dehumidifier

Here is a detailed analysis of all the features of Danby 50 Pint Dehumidifier Review

Pint Capacity 

It has a high pint capacity of 50, which removes up to twenty-three liters of water daily. This helps to keep the humidity at an optimum level which serves as ultra-protection to your health and other expensive goods. 

It can be used for water-damaged areas or very damp areas where the moisture is in very excessive amounts in the atmosphere. 

Area Capacity 

It has a large area capacity of 300 square feet which is best for living rooms, basements, garages, bedrooms, warehouses, and offices. It makes it compatible to meet the demands of a large number of customers.

Area capacities are very important to look at while buying a dehumidifier because they must be compatible with the area of your target rooms. If it is less than the area of your room, then the unit will not be able to work efficiently, and you will waste your money.  

Energy Efficiency

It has energy star ratings which show that it is energy efficient. It uses very little energy than conventional dehumidifiers. This makes the customers save a lot on their utility bills both monthly and annually.  

Less energy consumption and high efficiency is the best combination that you can get in a dehumidifier. The energy efficiency makes it environmentally friendly too. 

So, it is the best choice for you to enjoy a healthy lifestyle without damaging the environment or increasing global warming.  R410A refrigerant also adds to its environmentally friendly behavior. 

Control System

The control system is very advanced with electronic controls and an LED display which makes it very easy for the users to observe the operation and keep updated with its progress. 

The LED display is always the best option as it is smart and advanced technology. Additionally, it has intelligent technology for dehumidifying the rooms. 


It has two fan speeds which give users flexibility with its operation. They can choose any speed higher or lower according to their needs. It also works the best for water damage areas where drying is needed. 

The lower fan speed helps a comfortable sleep at night without any annoying noise of the machine. 


It has three drainage systems which make it one of the most exceptional and user-friendly dehumidifiers. The first one is direct drainage that needs a drain hose to be connected with the unit. 

The drain hose is included in the package, which makes it cost-friendly and convenient for users to use this option. The second one is a pump drain with a vertical pump included with the unit. 

This allows the users to be worry-free as they don’t have to put any effort into pump drainage. No water stands in the reservoir. It also makes the operation more efficient and faster. 

The last one is manual drainage. It has a water tank that needs to be emptied when it reaches its full capacity. 

Automatic Restart

The automatic restart works on the smart technology that turns on the operation after there is a power outage. This keeps the user at more convenience. It is best if you want the unit to operate when you are away. 

It will keep the operation continuous without asking for any effort from the user. 


It comes with four casters that allow easy transportation. You can easily move it in different rooms without putting any effort, as users have to do in other traditional dehumidifiers. 


It has a very modern design that matches the aesthetics of advanced interiors. It has a standard size which helps in taking less space in rooms. 

Automatic Defrost  

If you live in a cold place and the temperature goes very low, then you must make the choice of buying this dehumidifier. It comes with an automatic defrost that prevents the unit from icing up its coils in severe cold. 

In this way, it keeps the operation continuous, too, so you get to enjoy the healthy air, free of any allergens even in extreme temperatures. 


A Twenty-four-timer is another very convincing feature that allows the users to operate the unit for such a long time without any operation. This also adds to the water damage restoration dehumidifiers. 


Whenever you buy a dehumidifier, you must look at its filters. This one has reusable filters. You don’t have to spend any extra money on filter replacement. They can be washed with water easily without any assistance from experts.  


It has a long warranty of two years which makes the user very confident while they buy the unit. This makes it a very good investment. You would be worry-free for your dehumidifier for such a long time. 

The customer service is very friendly, and the users can contact them any time for expert assistance when they face a hard time with the unit. 

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Customers Reviews 

Many customers have given positive reviews about this dehumidifier. We are sharing the three of them here. 

A customer said that she had bought this dehumidifier for her living room because she likes to be with her family there. She really liked this dehumidifier for its highly efficient operation. She also appreciated the modern design and its energy efficiency as she has seen a very good effect on her utility bills. 

Another customer said that he is very glad that he has bought this dehumidifier because it has the best operation with a lot of features. He really liked the twenty-four-hour timer, which allows him to keep the operation on at home even when he is at his office. 

One of the customers is a business owner, and she said that this modern design unit worked the best for her workplace. She tried many units before, but each of them disappointed her. She added that it works very efficiently, and the smart technology is keeping her at convenience. There is nothing in this unit about which she can complain. 

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The Danby 50 Pint DoE dehumidifier is one of the best units that you can get in the market of dehumidifiers. It has everything that you can expect from a dehumidifier. It has a highly efficient operation with smart technology that allows the users to enjoy a healthy lifestyle with ease. 

The automatic restart and automatic defrost make it very exceptional to use in all the extreme temperatures without any worry. The two-year warranty is a bonus to compensate the customers even more. 

You will never regret buying this great, highly efficient unit with advanced features and intelligent technology. 

We wish you luck with your next dehumidifier. 

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