11 Mistakes People Make While Buying a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is an easy solution to fight against extra humidity, mold, and moisture in houses and offices. It has become essential to maintain the good air quality in your rooms by growing pollution in the atmosphere. 

Although it is a good choice to switch on a healthy lifestyle, some people get very disappointed because they get their hands on the wrong unit. It is due to the mistakes people make while buying a dehumidifier. 

You should be aware of all of them so that you can make a better decision when you buy a dehumidifier to breathe better and healthier in your rooms. 

Following are the most common mistakes that put the buyers in trouble. So, it would help if you avoided them so that you can succeed with a good dehumidifier to keep you and your house healthy and free of unhealthy insects, germs, microbes, and other allergens. 

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11 Most Common Mistakes Buying a Dehumidifier

  1. Incompatible Area Capacity 

Some people buy the unit without looking at the area capacity it has. The area capacity of a dehumidifier is the ability of its operation for particular area measurement. Suppose you buy a dehumidifier with a lower capacity than your room area. It becomes incompatible for you, and you end up with its malfunctioning. 

You should always first measure the area of your room and then get the unit with the same area capacity so that it can function well and make your place better. 

If your dehumidifier’s capacity is more than your room, you may buy the unit because there would be no effect on its efficiency. It will work better, but it might get you more cost than the lower and compatible one. 

  1. Low Pint Capacity 

The pint capacity of a dehumidifier is the daily moisture extraction rate. It is very important to keep in mind. First of all, you should analyze the area you live in. if it is damp, you need a higher pint. 

Even if your area is not damp, you should check the humidity level by using a hygrometer. Keep track over a week and then decide how much water extraction you need daily. 

If your humidity level is above 80%, you should buy a unit with 50 pints or more. It also depends upon your area capacity and the type of room. 

In commercial places, there is more frequency in the movement of people, and there is more stuff. So, you should buy the unit with a commercial-grade pint so you can get an efficient operation. 

If you want it for small kitchens, bathrooms, closets, or safes, you can adjust with 10 or 20 pints. It entirely depends upon your needs, and you should be well aware of them before you buy a machine. 

  1. Heavy Weight 

Sometimes, the dehumidifier is compatible with pint and area capacity, but users still find it difficult to handle. Sometimes in such cases, the reason is its heavyweight. 

A heavy unit would be very difficult to move or transport. You have to keep it in one place. Additionally, it is hard to clean it properly and wash or replace its filters. 

So, when you buy a dehumidifier, you should read its weight. It should not be very heavy. Get the one with a lighter weight, and we suggest you look for wheels as it would be very easier for you to transport it and move it in all corners of your house or office. 

  1. High Noise Level 

A higher noise level creates a lot of problems for the users. A dehumidifier needs to operate most of the time as the humidity level in your room can increase within a few hours again. So, when the noise level is higher, it is hard for the users to keep working or sleeping with its operation. 

Any noise above 60dB would be higher, and you would be troubled. So, when you are buying the unit, check its noise level so you can be comfortable with it after. 

There are dehumidifiers with low noise of 20dB, but it is a good option if you are getting the noise level below 55dB or equal. It is whisper-quiet, and you can work in peace and sleep in complete comfort without the annoying noise of the compressor. 

  1. Cheap Price 

Sometimes the users might not like the features of the dehumidifier, but when they look at the low price, they get tempted. In such cases, they waste their money as the unit is often incompetent to extract the extra moisture from their rooms. 

We suggest you first look at your needs and then check the price range of a good dehumidifier according to them. Spending on a good unit would be a great investment to switch on a healthy lifestyle. So, it would help if you never hesitated in doing that. 

It would save you for a long time, and you would be carefree about the bad quality of the air without a good dehumidifier. 

  1. High Utility 

This is another mistake that most buyers make. They don’t check the energy utility of the unit they are buying. So, when they start using it and get high bills, it upsets them, which is bad for their health. 

We recommend you buy the unit that features energy star qualification as it would use less energy than conventional dehumidifiers. You would be able to enjoy high efficiency and low electricity bills. 

It is a very good investment as it saves you money every month and makes your lifestyle healthy and the atmosphere of your rooms comfortable and pleasant. 

If it is not energy star certified, you should not go for it even if it is at a lower price because it will cost you more after you take it home, and you have to give up on it soon. In this way, all your money on the unit gets wasted. 

  1. Low Tank Capacity

This is one of the most common mistakes made by buyers. They don’t look at the tank capacity and take the unit home. The problem is that when the tank capacity of the dehumidifier is lower, it makes you supervise it all the time. 

You have to empty it after every few hours, making it hard to handle and maintain. It would help if you related it with the pint capacity as it can help you analyze that after how many hours or days you would need to empty the tank. 

The larger the tank, the more convenient it would be for you. 

  1. Unguaranteed 

If you buy a dehumidifier without any warranty, you might lose all your money if it faces a problem. It would help if you always considered its warranty. Most good brands offer a minimum warranty of one year, and it can go up to five years. 

In this way, you get free from worrying about the dehumidifier and spending it on it for a certain time. Additionally, the guaranteed units are more efficient as they are tested well before they reach you, and the company has full confidence in their functionality. 

  1. Using for Wrong Purposes 

Another blunder that people make is that they use the dehumidifier for the wrong purposes and then get it wrong. It is to extract extra moisture and control mold mildew and bad odor. People start using it for drying, such as they dry plaster. 

It is dangerous to use it to dry plaster as it would destroy it by cracking, discoloring, and reshaping it. You should avoid it and use it only for the main purpose of drying out extra water from your rooms. 

  1. Incompatible Temperature Resistance

Most buyers are not aware that a dehumidifier has a certain temperature resistance. You can’t use every unit at all temperatures. You must check it while buying. 

In some cases, people use it in lower temperatures, the coils start to freeze, and the machine gets severe damage from icing up. If it is not compatible with higher temperatures and you try to use it, you will get zero results. 

The best is to get a unit with an automatic defrost that prevents the machine from icing up and keeps the operation running even in low temperatures. 

  1. Inconvenient Handling

Sometimes, the users choose a dehumidifier with good efficiency and utility, but they have trouble handling it. You should choose a unit with smart handling, which is convenient in using it. 

For example, a touch screen humidistat and timer help you to operate your dehumidifier with a fingertip. If it has the limited option of adjustment, it would be hard to handle it, and instead of comforting the users, it puts them in anxiety. 


You should do a good search about the features a machine can offer whenever you decide to buy it, especially in a dehumidifier. It would help if you kept in mind everything mentioned above, including pint capacity, area capacity, temperature resistance, warranty, energy utility, tank capacity, noise level, price, and handling. 

We wish you luck with your next purchase of a dehumidifier. 

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