Do I Need a Dehumidifier?

Dehumidifiers are getting popular as home appliances as global warming is increasing day by day. it is now the need of almost every room whether you are at home or in office. 

If you also want to add the unit in your daily life but you are confused with the question: do I need a dehumidifier? We are here with the detailed answer that will let you know about how essential it is to buy a dehumidifier and whether your needs meet its criteria or not. 

Main Function of a Dehumidifier 

The first thing that you must know is the main function of a dehumidifier. Its main function is to control the higher levels of humidity in your room. There are three main types of dehumidifiers that include refrigerator, desiccant, and whole-house dehumidifiers. 

All of them have a different way of operation but their main purpose is the same which is to extract the extra moisture from your rooms and make it less humid which is perfect for your health and protection of other items in your area. 

Why Humidity Control is Important? 

A lot of people are unknown about the importance of humidity control. So, they don’t pay a lot of intention and end up facing huge losses. 

The humidity level must be between 45 to 55% in your environment. If it is higher then it makes it dirty and unhealthy for you to breathe in. It is dangerous for both living and non-living things as it welcomes dust, allergens, bad odor, mold, and mildew. All of these make it hard for you to continue your life in such rooms comfortably. 

So, the best solution is to buy a dehumidifier and make your life better and easier. 

Benefits of Dehumidifier

Following are a few benefits of dehumidifiers that you must know. 

  1. Optimum humidity 

The first and best thing about a dehumidifier is that it keeps the humidity at an optimum level. You might get confused that if the unit aims at extracting the moisture from your room then it can take all of it out. 

This is not the case because every machine stops the operation when the humidity reaches the ideal level which is best for your atmosphere. An optimum humidity level keeps the environment ideal and the users feel peaceful and better while working or sleeping in it. 

  1. Protection from mold 

When the humidity is controlled, it protects your rooms from getting mold. If your walls, roof or furniture gets mold then it becomes useless because it is very dangerous for your health. It also starts decaying things and you lose all of it as it is very rare that you can restore your items once they attracted mold. 

There is no better solution for it than to start the operation of a dehumidifier. It is going to take the responsibility of protecting your furniture and infrastructure from it. 

  1. Elimination of bad odor 

Bad odor in your rooms can make your environment very uncomfortable and unpleasant. It is the result of higher humidity levels in your house that go untreated for longer periods. 

The best way to eliminate is it is by using a dehumidifier. This is the most comforting benefit of a dehumidifier and it changes the atmosphere of your room completely. 

  1. Protection from diseases

When the humidity is unstable then it welcomes the infectious insects, allergens, and dust particles that can cause severe sickness to the people breathing in such an environment. 

When you install the dehumidifier, it optimizes the humidity level and makes the conditions unfavorable for all such disease-causing microbes and air particles. In this way, the users get the benefit of ultra protection from them and enjoy a healthy life.  

  1. Healthy air 

the dehumidifier has air filters and it promises to improve your air quality up to 99% which is completely healthy to breathe. You can work or sleep comfortably without the worry of getting any irritation in your respiratory system. 

The air in a dehumidifier operation makes you feel that you are breathing better and easy. It keeps you active and you don’t feel any discomfort which is usually caused by bad air quality. 

Do You Need a Dehumidifier? 

Following are the reasons that make people get a dehumidifier. You should go through them and if you are suffering from any one of them then you must not wait for more to install the dehumidifier. 

  1. High humidity 

The first thing is the humidity check. You should take a good hygrometer and measure the humidity level of your room. If it is above 55% then you need to dehumidify it by using a dehumidifier. 

You can also keep checking it for a week to know in what conditions it is higher or lower and what is the best time for the operation. A better awareness before you install any electronic appliance makes you more interactive and expert in using that machine. 

  1. Mold or mildew 

If there is mold or mildew in your house and it is destroying your furniture, windows, doors, and roof then there would be no better time to get a dehumidifier and solve this threatening issue. 

It is due to higher humidity levels and only a dehumidifier can treat it the best by keeping the humidity low and making the condition detrimental for entering mold in your rooms. 

  1. Bad odor 

Your office or house must be a place where you feel good and comfortable but the bad odor can destroy your mood daily by giving you a very discomforting and unpleasant feeling. 

You may try other ways of eliminating it by using air fresheners but they can cost you more and their effects don’t last long. The best and easiest solution is a dehumidifier. So, if you are having this issue then you need a dehumidifier. 

  1. Frequent attacks of allergies 

If you are not able to get a hygrometer and there is no bad odor or mold in your house but you get allergies on a frequent then this is another sign that you need a dehumidifier. 

The higher humidity levels put the users on their respiratory system to get allergies and infections with poor air quality. So, you should get a unit to get full protection from it. 

  1. Asthma 

Asthma is one of the most dangerous diseases of the respiratory system. In some cases, if the episodes get severe, they can be fatal. When an asthma patient breaths in an extra humid environment then there are many chances that their sickness get worse. 

So, if you have any asthma patients in your house then you must install a dehumidifier for their better health. Many users reviewed that after a dehumidifier, they get no asthmatic episodes because they breathe in a completely healthy and pure atmosphere. 

  1. Water Damage 

If there is water damage in your house, office, or any other building out of flood or heavy rainfall then you need a dehumidifier to restore your area. The unit makes it dry very soon and very well that there are no effects of this extra water. 

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Things to Consider While Buying a Dehumidifier 

  1. Pint Capacity 
  2. Area Capacity 
  3. Energy utility 
  4. Size and Design 
  5. Maintenance


A dehumidifier is the best and easiest way to switch on a healthy lifestyle. it keeps you protected from mold, mild dew, bad odor, and respiratory diseases, and allergies. 

You need the dehumidifier when there is a higher humidity level, mold, mild dew, bad odor or you get allergies frequently. You should never wait to install it because higher humidity and all these other issues can cause you huge troubles if you leave them untreated. 

FAQs: Do I Need a Dehumidifier

For how long do you need a dehumidifier? 

A dehumidifier is needed when there are higher humidity levels. There is no certain time for which you may need to install the unit. It depends upon your place and temperatures. 
If you are living in a very damp place then you might need it for the whole year because the place is extra humid all the year. If you are living in an average atmosphere then you may need it in summers because the humidity is higher in this season. In winters, there is dryness which makes it less humid and you may not need to run the operation. 

What is the alternative if you need a dehumidifier? 

If you see the signs where you feel the need for a dehumidifier then you should not go for an alternative. Although some temporary alternatives are there that include, increasing ventilation, air fresheners, and drying with fans(in case of water damage). 
All of them work for a short time and the best and the long-lasting solution is a dehumidifier. 

How much money is needed when you need a dehumidifier? 

When you need a dehumidifier, the money needed entirely depends upon the type, size, and potential of the unit that suits you. If your room is small then you would need to buy a smaller unit that can cost a maximum of 100 dollars but if the area is larger or commercial then you may need to spend up to 1000 dollars or more. It also depends upon the type of dehumidifier that you need because whole-house dehumidifiers are far more expensive than refrigerators and desiccant dehumidifiers. 

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