Does a Dehumidifier Kill Fleas?

Fleas love humid and warm places, such conditions only help them flourish and keeping them away is important if you have any pets, especially felines and canines. Using a dehumidifier can do the trick in getting rid of fleas as it reduces humidity; a really safe and natural way of removing fleas, as a dehumidifier removes moisture from the air making it unfavorable for fleas to live in.

All they need is moisture to remain in action, when you use dehumidifiers and keep humidity below 50% as suggested by the experts, you can get rid of fleas in a natural way without any use of harmful chemicals involved. It is comparatively a safer and effective way to kill fleas as compared to using harmful sprays or topical medications.

However, you need to consider a few things before you completely rely on this method.

  • Keep Humidity Below 50%

Fleas survive in humidity levels of around 50% and above, and to make this method work you have to make sure you keep humidity levels below 50% for two or more days, this will eventually suffocate fleas and lead them to death. Furthermore, do regular vacuuming along with it to get rid of all the larvae, pupae and flea dust.

  • You need to vacuum regularly

This is an essential step as dehumidifying the room alone isn’t enough to keep fleas at bay, once they are dead because of dehumidifying they need to be removed accordingly, otherwise they may appear again if not removed and disposed off properly. Vacuum daily along with dehumidifying for this method to work. Make sure you vacuum all the corners, gaps and spaces of your bedding, carpets, mats and floor. When taking the bag out of vacuum, make sure to seal it first and then dispose. Vacuuming will also help you get rid of dormant fleas.

  • Keep your pets indoors and clean

To save your pets from catching fleas again, it is better to keep them indoors if your area has a lot of complains about fleas. Keeping them indoors can be a productive idea especially if it’s a feline, this won’t only save them from fleas but will also help your loved pet live longer as indoor-cats tend to live longer than the ones outdoors. Also, flea comb your pets to get rid of fleas and flea dirt; make sure to bathe them as well using a flea shampoo.

  • Benefits of this method

There are a lot of benefits of using this method, not only is this safer than using harsh chemicals used in sprays and other pest control products which require the pet and kids to be kept away from the treated site, it also suffocates the fleas making the environment unfavorable for their survival. Following this method regularly along with other useful steps can help keep fleas out of your life.

  • Downsides of this method

The only disadvantage of downside of using a dehumidifier to kill fleas is that it can cost you a dime of you don’t already have a dehumidifier. Also, you might need more than one dehumidifier in your room for this process to be successful, if you have big rooms, which can be pricey. However, if you already have a dehumidifying system installed at your home, you need not to worry.

  • Dehumidifier and Fleas

The only thing that can possibly go wrong using this method is, fleas love moisture and the moisture trapped in dehumidifiers can attract fleas, they can crawl and hide using exhaust tube. So one way to avoid this could be, not using exhaust tube to keep away from this situation. You can also use a dish soap while draining to drown the fleas.

Some additional steps that are equally important to follow:

  • Cleaning Rugs

Another important step that you need to follow on your way to flee-free environment around the house is to wash with soapy water or shampoo your rugs, carpets, mats, blankets and any such sheets that can possibly have fleas to get rid of them.

  • Groom Your Lawn

This step is also important, as is keeping your indoors clean because some wild and stray animals might leave these uninvited guests in your lawn, yard or garden which can be picked up by your pet later and to avoid this situation you can keep your lawn groomed and clean, for it to be safe for you and your pets.

  • Soapy Water

Another effective way to get rid of fleas is using soapy water in a wide container and doing this will attract fleas to the container. As they get to reach this glorious liquid, they will eventually drown in this mixture.

  • Watch Out for Rodents

You need to be vigilant and keep an eye so that no rodents get into your house, apart for keeping your yard clean it is important to remove waste to keep rodents away as they might also contribute to bringing these unwanted pesky fellows into your house. 

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, we can safely say that using a dehumidifier can be an effective way of killing fleas if the method is properly accompanied with other essential steps as dehumidifying alone is not enough. Vacuuming tops the list as you cannot get rid of fleas if you do not incorporate this into your daily flea-removal regime, this will help you remove adult fleas, flea dust and dormant fleas too which will prevent their re-infestation.

Keeping an eye on other related factors which may bring fleas again is also important, which includes finding all the corners and spots occupied by these pesky creatures, keeping an eye on rodents, using dish soap while draining your dehumidifier and keeping your pets indoors, if possible. Doing so will only make your life easier and flea-free!

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