Eva-Dry EDV-1200 Review – Powerful Ergonomic Dehumidifier



  • Absorbs 8 ounces of excess moisture from the air 
  • Portable and lightweight 
  • Single push-button operation
  • An ergonomic and energy-efficient dehumidifier
  • Sleek and modern design
  • Child and pet safe
  • Non-toxic
  • 30-ounce reservoir for moisture collection
  • Ultra-quiet operation

Eva-Dry EDV-1200 Powerful Mini Dehumidifier

Excess moisture in the air can cause various issues, from higher energy costs to dampness and damage to furniture. Choose the Eva-Dry EDV-1200 dehumidifier for an effective means of combating these problems, with its compact size and powerful performance covering 1,200 cubic feet without needing batteries or a complicated setup. This petite ergonomic design is explicitly crafted according to your needs – keep home appliances safe while enjoying lower humidity levels all year round.

What Features make the Eva-Dry 1200 Powerful mini-Dehumidifier worth buying?

If you live in a humid region or your house is constantly damp, then a dehumidifier is the right choice. Dehumidifiers can remove all the excess moisture, which can be the reason for mold and mildew development.

If you are looking for a less costly, portable, sleek, and intelligent dehumidifier, then Eva-Dry is the best one to buy. Let’s look at its features one by one.

Environmentally safe

With increasing environmental pollution and increased amount of allergens, it is essential to buy something eco-friendly and is also suitable for human health.

This Eva-Dry dehumidifier is non-toxic and designed so that it is very much safe for your children and pets.

Single push-button operation

This dehumidifier is the most simplest and easy to use the unit. You just have to simply plug it in and then turn it on with a single button operation. It will start dehumidifying your room immediately. 

Superior quality dehumidifier

This dehumidifier is manufactured with the highest quality and superior materials, making it durable. It also has an easy-to-clean reservoir that absorbs all the moisture and musty odor from the air and prevents your home from mold, mildew, and fungus.

No messy spills

This mini dehumidifier is so well engineered that it will efficiently and quickly absorb up to 8 ounces of moisture from the air and will catch all the condensation in its reservoir with a capacity of 30 oz. It is a perfect gift for home bodies and boat fanatics.

Automatic water level switch

With its 30 ounce reservoir to catch condensation from the environment, it also has an automatic water level switch that displays a full tank alert making it easy to clean and use. 

Ergonomic and energy efficient

This mini yet powerful petite dehumidifier is optimal for controlling moisture from all your smaller spaces with an area of up to 1200 cubic feet, including bedrooms, bathrooms, basements, closets, offices, and boat cabins. 

This compact dehumidifier efficiently gathers all the moisture with low energy consumption and also saves you from heavy electric bills, along with helping you to make the environment comfortable.

Stylish design and Ultra-quiet technology

This portable mini dehumidifier which is ergonomically designed, will surely add beauty to your interior decor wherever it is placed in your home.

The average noise output is 53.2 dB, primarily for all the thermoelectric dehumidifiers. In contrast, this mini dehumidifier is engineered with a Peltier technology, making it ultra-quiet while combating excess moisture. With its ultra-quiet feature, you can have a comfortable and peaceful sleep at night. 

What do we love it for?
  • Efficiently absorbs up to 8 oz of moisture
  • Ergonomic and stylish design
  • Non-toxic 
  • Child and pet safe 
  • Energy efficient
  • Ultra-quiet technology 
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Single push-button operation
  • 30oz. Reservoir for catching condensation
What were we disappointed with?
  • Not ideal for large spaces
  • Limited time operations


With this dehumidifier, you can protect your small spaces and valuables, and you can enjoy an odorless, dry and healthy environment for many years.

User Review

Eva-dry’s mini dehumidifier has made a remarkable difference in my home’s air quality. Not only have I noticed an improved atmosphere, but it is particularly beneficial for family members who suffer from allergies and other respiratory illnesses because fewer allergens like pet dander or mold are present.

One of its most impressive accomplishments was how peaceful rest improved significantly after using this product – something parents can hardly overvalue with children! Overall, I am highly pleased with Eva-dry’s performance, not to mention grateful my family now enjoys cleaner air that they breathe daily at home.



A practical, efficient, and elegant dehumidifier is the only solution to enjoy a comfortable, healthy, and odorless environment. Allergens multiply themselves in a wet and humid atmosphere, so this is the best choice to eliminate allergens, insects, and other infectious germs. 

From the above list of features, you can see that this dehumidifier can dehumidify the small spaces of your home. With its sleek modern design, it can blend into your living space and will add beauty as well. 


1. How long should we leave a mini dehumidifier plugged in?

The number of hours a dehumidifier should be plugged in depends upon how damp the area is from where you want to remove moisture and what is the pint capacity of your dehumidifier. Mini dehumidifiers will take approximately up to 14-16hours. You can keep it switched on in the well-ventilated room at night for best results. 

2. Can one portable dehumidifier easily dehumidifies a whole house?

Yes, of course, a single portable dehumidifier can dehumidify a whole house but, to serve an entire house, a dehumidifier should be of that type which can cover an area of up to 5,000 square feet, or it can be more because mostly the size of the house is around this.

3. Where to install a dehumidifier in crawl spaces?

The placement of dehumidifiers is very important. It is recommended that the dehumidifier should be placed closer to a foundation wall, have the intact side facing towards the foundation wall, and have the dry air blowing into the more significant part of the crawl space.

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