Frigidaire 30-Pint vs. 50- Pint vs. 70-Pint Dehumidifier Comparison

Frigidaire is a well-known brand that creates premium-quality dehumidifiers under various features. But how to know which one is the best for you? To ease your problem, we will share a Frigidaire 30-pint vs. 50- pint vs. 70-pint dehumidifier Comparison to see which one is the best.

Also, we will discuss a brief buying guide and some frequently asked questions to give you a clear view to select your preferred dehumidifier. 

1. Frigidaire 30 Pint Dehumidifier

This dehumidifier is a little piece that efficiently filters up to 30 pints of water in twenty-four hours. It is a small dehumidifier that is lightweight, easily portable, and performs amazing dehumidification.

Its functioning is customizable so that you can control its settings according to your preference. So once the humidity is too much for your liking, it will start to clear that out.

Frigidaire dehumidifier comes with a washable filter, a front-facing bucket, and continuously draining features in which you can connect it to a pipe to drain humidifier water continuously.

The auto shut feature stops the overfill ongoing of the water bucket, preventing it from harming the circuit.

  • Auto shut feature
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maintain
  • It doesn’t cover enough area

2. Frigidaire 50 Pint Dehumidifier

If you want to dehumidify more house areas, then don’t worry; Frigidaire 50 pint dehumidifier has got you covered. It can easily remove excessive humidity from 1500-2000 square feet of space.

you don’t have to worry about its bucket filling, all thanks to its built-in pump, which pumps all the humidified water out and about from the machine.

As most dehumidifiers work at high temperatures, this is not the case with this 50-pint option, as it can efficiently perform its best at forty-one degrees Fahrenheit, Leaving the room humidity according to your liking.

Above all, the moisture removal capacity is impressive; it can easily remove 50 pints of moisture from the atmosphere, including dust and allergens, which get captured in its filter.

  • Covers large area
  • Dehumidify more in less time
  • Easy to mode due to its rolling base
  • Weak humidity sensor

3. Frigidaire 70 Pint Dehumidifier

As its name suggests, Frigidaire 70 pint dehumidifier can easily remove seventy pints of moisture in twenty-four hours, making it the most efficient yet productive dehumidifier yet.

Its customizable control enhances its abilities. In this feature, you can set the acceptable humidity level to your liking, maintained by revving excess humidity from the atmosphere. Also, you can have more control over it via its touch screen controlling features.

The digital display is connected to the humidity sensor, which tells you the current room humidity throughout its functioning. In this way, you’re always aware of what amount of moisture you want in your atmosphere.

This big piece requires permanent installation in a single place, close to the drainage system. It can easily remove humidity from a 4000 square feet area.

  • Efficient
  • It covers more square footage
  • Digital display
  • Very heavy

Frigidaire 30-Pint vs. 50- Pint vs. 70-Pint Dehumidifier: Comparison Table

Following is a detailed comparison of Frigidaire dehumidifier models to let you know which one is better than the other.

Features30-Pint Dehumidifier50-Pint Dehumidifier70-Pint Dehumidifier
Volume of moisture removed (24 hrs)3.7 gallons6.3 gallons8-8.7 gallons
Preferred humidity rangeFor low humidityFor average humidityFor high humidity
Water storage range in basin12-16 pints12-16 pints12-16 pints
Area covered (square feet)1500 sq.ft1500-2000 sq.ft3000-4000 sq.ft
Drain portsPresentPresentPresent
Power pump for drainageAbsentPresentPresent
Temperature range for working41 -90 degrees Fahrenheit41 -90 degrees fahrenheit41 -90 degrees Fahrenheit
Easy to moveYesKind ofNo
Humidity sensorPresentPresentPresent
Tank overflow alertYesYesYes
Reusable filterPresentPresentPresent
Power consumptionLowMediumHigh
Noise productionFifty decibelsEighty decibelsNinety five decibels
WeightLightSlightly heavyVery heavy
Reusable filterYesYesYes

Frigidaire dehumidifier buying guide

So to select the best frigidaire dehumidifier for yourself, These are the following things that you should consider first.

The climate of your area

If you live in pretty warm areas, there are certain chances of high humidity. These are the places where a dehumidifier comes in hand. But the size of the dehumidifier depends on the extent of moisture.

If the humidity reached up to ninety percent in your house, then seventy pints would work more efficiently and maintain the controlled atmosphere. But if there is less humidity in your areas, we recommend you go for smaller ones.

Square area

For the dehumidifier to work well, one must make sure that it matches your requirements. For example, a 30-pint dehumidifier can work under 1500 square footage of the area, and if you buy it for two thousand or more square footage, it won’t work efficiently.

So for a small room or large basement, make sure it matches the area under which a dehumidifier can work well.

Drainage facility

Before buying a frigidaire dehumidifier, ensure that its installation place has a drainage system. You want to ensure the continual removal of water from the machine through a pipe into the sink or outdoors. It will be best to buy a frigidaire dehumidifier containing a self pump that can push out water into the sink by itself.


In many cases, people want a dehumidifier that can push around in the room they are in. It can be some with only a lightweight dehumidifier like 30 pints one or for more efficiently 50 pints one. However, if you’re going for a large seventy pints dehumidifier, they are not easily mobile and require permanent installation.

Final words

In today’s edit, we shared a Frigidaire 30-pint vs. 50- pint vs. 70-pint dehumidifier Comparison to find one suitable for your liking. We also gave you a walk through a brief buying guide covering all the essentials required in a good dehumidifier.

Frequently asked questions

Can you use a 50-pint frigidaire dehumidifier in a small room?

Yes you can! Because if its auto humidity sensor, it can easily maintain the moisture levels in your small  room easily

How is a 70- pint dehumidifier more efficient than a 30 pint dehumidifier?

Even though a 30 pint dehumidifier uses less electricity, a 70 pint dehumidifier removes more moisture in less time, thus consuming less energy.

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