GE Dehumidifier (APER50LZ) Review

GE APER50LZ review


  • Removes 50-pints of moisture from the air 
  • Empty bucket alarm when the bucket is missing or full
  • Clean filter reminder
  • Three fan speeds
  • Auto-restart and defrost
  • Built-in pump
  • LED digital controls
  • Four easy-roll wheels
  • Energy-star certified
  • Adjustable humidistat
  • Water bucket with a capacity of 1.8 gallons

GE Dehumidifier (APER50LZ) Review

Your home is the most important place in the whole world because it is the place where you live, sleep, dream, and goes to when you want a complete escape from the stress that indeed comes along with life. Therefore, it can be very irritating when there is excess moisture in your home, as you will not feel comfortable in it at all. 

Feeling uncomfortable because of the overheated temperature along with stinking damp mildew is not at all enjoyable. To get rid of all this, you need the best dehumidifier for your house so that you can lower the excess humidity level and make your house back to the comfortable heaven that you desire.

This GE (APER50LZ) 50-pint dehumidifier is highly functional, unique, and attractive. While capturing the humidity that causes an unhealthy environment, this dehumidifier blends into your living space marvelously. This product is convenient and easy to use with its attractive features like a built-in pump, digital controls, and auto defrost.

What Features make 50-Pints GE (APER50LZ) Grey, Energy Star Dehumidifier worth buying?

We find notable impressive features and very few shortcomings deep down into this dehumidifier’s components. The most important thing in buying any dehumidifier is it should be able to bring the moisture down to a relative humidity that is 30 to 50 percent. 

Here are some of the features that have been discussed below for your ease of making a tension-free purchase.

Pint Size

This dehumidifier by GE is an attractive choice for you to make if you want to buy something fully functional and also meet fashion trends. It is a sleek, intelligent, modern dehumidifier that works quietly, efficiently, and is more reliable. 

It can combat humidity up to 50-pints and is not only perfect for your damp living spaces like bathrooms, laundry rooms, but also bedrooms and garages. This is an ideal model for wet rooms with extra moisture in them. It is a portable dehumidifier with caster wheels that can dry your space up to 2,000 to 3,000 square feet.

Smart Dry

With this dehumidifier, you can compare both the needed levels and the actual humidity level of the room and adjust the fan’s speed accordingly. You can also set your ideal humidity range according to your need, anywhere from 35% to 85%. You will simply adjust the perfect setting by using the electronic controls with an LED display. Then, let the dehumidifier do the rest of the work to control the humidity levels and make a moisture-free environment for you.

Clean Filter Alert

This dehumidifier works perfectly with clean filters. So when it is time for cleaning the filter, this dehumidifier will remind you by itself with its clean filter alert feature. These filters need no extra charged services from outdoor. Instead, they are washable and can be washed easily to make the air you breathe fresh and crisp.

Empty Bucket Alarm

this dehumidifier has a feature of an empty bucket alarm that will alert you if the water bucket is full or missing. This water bucket has a total capacity of 1.8 gallons. The alarm will ring for almost 10 seconds to inform you that it’s time to empty the bucket.

Energy Star Certified Dehumidifier

This GE is an energy star-certified dehumidifier that can effectively reduce moisture and maintain a perfect level of dryer air which can help you feel more relaxed and comfortable without consuming more power. This dehumidifier will put less burden on you to pay heavy bills with minimal energy consumption to absorb moisture in medium-spaced rooms.

Auto Restart and Auto Defrost Feature

This dehumidifier has a fantastic feature of memory that is in case of any power loss. It will pick up right from there where it left off without causing you any problem of setting its humidity all over again.

Along with its memory feature, it has one more significant component of auto defrost that prevents its coils from freezing in case of low temperature. 

Automatic Shutoff 

This dehumidifier will automatically shut off when the water collecting bucket is full to prevent any kind of spills in case if you forget to empty it.

Built-in Pump 

Like other dehumidifiers, this one also comes with a built-in pump with an included drainage hose that allows you to connect the hose and water to be drained to a convenient location of up to 16 feet.

Typically, the dehumidifier will collect all the moisture in its water collection bucket, but this feature will eliminate an extra effort of checking in the water level and also the need to empty it after regular intervals.

Ease of Use

This dehumidifier is designed as modern yet portable and easy to move from one place to another with its sides handles and caster wheels. You can dehumidify any of your rooms by just rolling the wheels when and where you need it.

Also, it comes with a multi-speed fan option. You can adjust the fan speed according to the amount of dampness you have in your required space. 


We have chosen this dehumidifier because of its impressive features, good performance to remove the moisture effectively, along with less energy consumption.

What makes it a good buy?

  1. Removes 50-pints of moisture every day.
  2. Built-in pump with an included hose of up to 16 feet for continuous draining.
  3. Empty bucket alarm if the bucket is missing or full.
  4. Clean filter alert reminds you that it’s time to clean the filters.
  5. Clear display of LED digital controls so that you can manage your settings.
  6. Easy to roll wheels that allow you for easy mobility.
  7. Energy-star certified.
  8. Auto-restart and defrost feature.

What are the shortcomings we are disappointed with?

  1. It only has a 1-year warranty.
  2. It has a narrow pocket-style handle that does not provide a secure grip.
  3. It does not have a proper place to wrap up the cord.

Customers Reviews

This GE model will help you maintain a healthy home environment by getting rid of all excess moisture present in the air. Despite its largest water tank capacity, this dehumidifier still does not occupy any extra space. 

It controls the bacterial growth, mold, mildew, and all the foul odors from medium to large spaces of your home. This dehumidifier received several excellent comments that make it a perfect choice to buy. Here we are sharing some of the words.

One of the customers said that this dehumidifier works excellent. Now the humidity level of her basement is decreased to their selected level. Its water bucket is so easy and convenient to take out, and you can also use its continuous draining option. It can be rolled easily wherever you need it for moisture removal with its wheels.

Another customer added that this dehumidifier could drop the dam cellar to less than 50%humidity level. It has also helped him remove wood rot, insect infestations, and mildew from his home, damaging his expensive home products.


1. Is it safe to put a dehumidifier in a crawl space?

Putting a big dehumidifier in a crawl space is not a good idea. Also, it’s not safe, but yes, you can put a small and portable dehumidifier to get a temporary solution for a problematic area of your house, such as rooms with very poor or no ventilation.

2. What are the disadvantages of using a dehumidifier?

The only disadvantages of using a dehumidifier are noise and heat. Mostly, all the dehumidifiers tend to blow hot air out of their back or top of the unit. If you are using a dehumidifier in the winter season, this can be an advantage for you, but it is a considerable disadvantage in summer. In order to avoid this disadvantage, you can simply put the dehumidifier in such a way that its back is in a doorway or any window so that it will not heat up a room from where it is, eliminating the excess moisture.

3. What is the best place to put a dehumidifier to get rid of humidity?

Mostly, dehumidifiers are portable, and you can quickly move them from one place to another in order to get rid of excess moisture from your home wherever you need. But if you don’t want to keep on rolling your dehumidifier, you can keep them downstairs in a basement or upstairs where it is close to the stairs. This is because mainly the basements are the dampest place of your house. If you have any other moist space upstairs, it can resolve your issue rather than placing it over there. 

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