Homelabs 70 Pint Dehumidifier Review

HomeLabs is one of the best brands that make the most advanced and highly efficient dehumidifiers. They are the first choice of many consumers. The company has gained the huge trust of people by working consistently on the quality of their machines to provide the users with utmost comfort and convenience. 

This 70-pint dehumidifier is one of the best products out of the dehumidifiers range by homeLabs. It is versatile, which makes it popular among its users. Here is a detailed review to help you with detailed information about it. 

Why Choose HomeLabs Dehumidifier ?

Following are the few for choosing homeLabs dehumidifier . 

1.High quality 

The first one is the high quality which the brand is keeping consistent from the start in each and every product. They care for their customers, and both the outer and inner are made in the finest material, so the customers face no hazards while they deal with the operation of the units. 


The second thing is the efficiency of the dehumidifiers. All the units have highly efficient operations, which dry the rooms in a short time, which results in energy saving and keeps the users convenient. 


Although this brand uses high quality and provides the users with almost everything, the latest and world-class dehumidifier can offer. Its prices are very affordable according to the features and durability of its products. This makes it cost-friendly and invites more consumers to their HomeLabs family. 

4.Smart Technology 

The final main reason to choose homeLabs dehumidifier is that they use the latest smart technology to keep the users updated. Almost every machine by them has automatic systems that make the operation more efficient, safe, and versatile for all seasons and situations of higher humidity. 

Main Features of HomeLabs 70 Pint Dehumidifier 

Following is the list of detailed features of this dehumidifier. 

1.High Pint 

It has an excellent ability for removing water with a high pint of 70. This makes it very efficient in very damp and water-damaged areas. It takes less time to dehumidify and make the room’s humidity at an optimum level.  

2.Large Area Capacity 

It has a very large area capacity which makes it very convincing to buy because it is a versatile unit that you can use for almost every room of your house or warehouses, including large basements, garages, living rooms, and storerooms. 

3.Modern Design 

The modern design attracts many users. You don’t have to think about how it will look in your room like users have to rethink the odd designs of the other traditional dehumidifiers. 

Additionally, it doesn’t take a lot of space, so you can place it anywhere full time without worrying about making a large space for this unit. It has four wheels that make it very easy to transport it through all the corners of your house or office. 

4.Automatic Shut off 

It comes with the smart technology of automatic shut-off that turns off the operation when the water tank reaches its full capacity to avoid overflowing. This also saves energy as your unit doesn’t use any energy when it’s not dehumidifying. 

5.Automatic Restart 

The automatic restart also makes it smart in its operation. The users don’t have to supervise it all the time. When there is a power outage, it turns on the operation on its own without asking for an effort from the users when the electricity is restored. 

6.Automatic Defrost 

The automatic defrost works best for cold places because it keeps the operation running even in low temperatures. It doesn’t ice up the machine by using smart and intelligent control over it. 

You also get an ultra-protection for your machine because if the coils ice up, they can damage the machine as a result of different parts failure. 


The long timer of twenty-four hours makes it exceptional among its competitors. You can stay at your office by keeping the operation running at home without any worry. It will continue to make your environment healthy and clean. 

8.Drainage system 

Whenever you buy a dehumidifier, it is very important to consider the drainage system. This dehumidifier has multiple drainage systems that include both manual and automatic drain. 

The manual drainage system has a water tank that needs to be emptied when it reaches its full capacity. An automatic drain needs a hose to be connected. It is easier and convenient as you don’t have to supervise it. 


It has washable filters that need to be washed after every thirty days in order to keep the operation running. There is no need for filters replacement. This makes it budget-friendly as you will not have to spend any extra money once you buy it. 

  • Large area capacity. 
  • High efficiency. 
  • Modern design. 
  • Washable filters. 
  • Multiple drainage options. 
  • The drain hose is not included in the package for a direct drainage system. 

Customers Reviews 

This dehumidifier has received many positive reviews for this dehumidifier. We are sharing the one of them as follows. 

The customers said that she had bought this dehumidifier for her commercial space. She is in love with its operation. She added that the modern design is very impressive, and it gives no odd look to her shop. It I highly efficient, and it has been six months that she hasn’t seen any con in it.

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The dehumidifier is one of the best 70-pint units that you can choose for a large area of 4500 square feet. It has a modern design with four wheels, multiple drainage systems, and smart technology to provide the users with the best results. 

A large number of users have given its five stars and written very positive and convincing reviews, which makes it one of the best units available in the market. 

We wish you luck with the next shopping of your dehumidifier.  

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