How Quickly Should a Dehumidifier Fill up?

A dehumidifier is the best and easiest way to deal with the extra moisture in your rooms. The higher level of humidity is dangerous, and you must fix it by using these units. 

The beginner users have a lot of questions regarding its operation. One of the most common one is that how quickly should a dehumidifier fill up? If you also have it then you don’t have to worry anymore because we are here to help you with the best answer and the other needed information. 

Filling of a dehumidifier

You must be aware of the process of the operation of your dehumidifier as it will give you an insight and you would be able to fix things or diagnose the problems later. 

It captures the air from your room and then pass it through coils. The coils work as the main part of the machine and the squeeze the moisture that is finally transported to the water tank. This is how the filling of the dehumidifier happens.  

Factors that influence filling of a dehumidifier

Following are a few factors that influence the filling of dehumidifiers. After knowing them, you would be able to analyze the time in which your dehumidifier should be filling up. 

Humidity level

The first thing is the humidity level. If you are living in a very damp area where there is excess of moisture, then your dehumidifier might fill up fast because it has to work more efficiently. At this stage, you don’t have to worry because the machine is doing its work. 

If the humidity is not very high, then it would be filling up at an average rate. When the dehumidifier reaches the ideal humidity level then it stops extracting more water. 

Pint capacity 

The second thing is the pint capacity. it is the daily moisture extraction rate of your unit. The filling also depends on it greatly. A unit cannot exceed this limit and you should keep a check on it before you blame the quality of the machine. 

Water tank 

The water tank is where the water needs to fill up in your dehumidifier. You should look at the tank size while buying the unit. If your tank is small, it might fill up and you have to empty it over again. 

If your water tank is large, you can desire for a good pint capacity too as it will not reach to its full capacity in a short time, and you will get time to relax.  

Size of the unit

The size of the dehumidifier also influences its filling. If you are using a small size unit then it would fill up at a slower rate, but the commercial grade dehumidifiers operate very efficiently and they fill up faster. 

Type of the dehumidifier 

If you are using a whole house dehumidifier then it fills up very efficiently as it is extracting moisture from all corners of the house on a single operation at one time. 

The refrigerator dehumidifiers are slower than the whole house units but their filling depends upon different factors which can vary from unit to unit. 

The desiccant dehumidifiers have silica beads that absorb the moisture and they change their color when they fill up with water. It depends upon different factors from unit to unit that in how much time one should fill up. You need to recharge them to keep the operation running. 

Why is your dehumidifier filling up slow? 

A lot of people face the problem that their dehumidifier is filling up slower than expected. Following are a few reasons for it that you may consider. 

Humidity level is low

Sometimes the humidity level is the reason for the slow operation. You should always keep a check on it, if it is low then your dehumidifier will not extract more moisture from your air as its purpose is to keep it on an optimum level. 

Technical issue 

If the humidity level is above and still the machine is operating but not filling up, then there might be a technical fault. In this case, you should never try to fix it yourself as you might end up doing more problems in it. 

You should call the technical expert team. You should look into the warranty of the unit while buying it as many good brands offer a lifetime technical expert support that can fix such problems for free.  

Uncleaned filters 

You should check the filters also if it fills slow. When the filters get dirty, the machine stops working efficiently and you get less moisture extraction that results in slow filling of the dehumidifier. 

Some of the filters are washable and some of them needs replacement that can cost you some money. So, our suggestion is to prefer washable filters as they are cost friendly, and you can easily clean them at home. 

Incompatible area capacity 

You should always check the compatibility between the area capacity of the dehumidifier and area of your room. If they are incompatible, then you would end up with a slow filling. 

You can never help a large room with a small area capacity dehumidifier in extracting its moisture. You would need to operate the unit for very long hours but in this the energy utility will be very high which can cost a lot. 

So, the best decision that you can make is to get a good and compatible unit for your room to avoid any chaos later. 

Lower pint capacity  

If the pint capacity of your dehumidifier is low, then it would take more time to fill up the unit as the moisture extraction would be less daily. If you want to avoid this then you should go for the higher pints while buying the dehumidifier. 

Why is your dehumidifier filling up fast? 

If your dehumidifier is filling faster than you expected it then the reasons are as follow. 


The first reason is that there might be a leakage in any part of your dehumidifier. It will result in fast filling of the tank so you should check it well. 

If you find it then you should get the help of an expert as leakage in your dehumidifier can damage both the machine and your area. 

High humidity level 

Sometimes, the humidity level is very high and at this stage, the machine needs to work more efficiently than before. In such cases, the water tank fills faster than usual. 

You don’t have to be tense at this stage because it is completely normal, and the machine is working efficiently and showing its potential. 

Benefits of dehumidifier

Following are the benefits of the dehumidifiers. 

Controls humidity 

The first and main function of a dehumidifier is that it controls humidity and keep it at an optimum level. In this way, it keeps the environment comfortable for you. 

Prevents Mold 

Mold is very dangerous as it can eat up your expensive things and furniture in your rooms due to higher levels of humidity. a dehumidifier is the best solution to fight against it as it makes sure to keep it out. 

You can be worry free from mold by installing a dehumidifier in your house. 

Protection from allergies 

Your air in your rooms is full of dust and other allergens due to higher humidity levels. When you add the dehumidifier in your system, it kills all of them and makes the conditions unfavorable for them to attack your air in future. 

In this you get full protection from allergies. If getting flu and cough is common for you in your daily life, then you should know the good news of getting rid from them with a small operation of a dehumidifier. 

Improved air quality 

The dehumidifier not only extracts the extra moisture from your air, but it also helps to improve your air quality up to 99%. A fresh air makes your house very peaceful and comfortable. You would feel good while working and having fun in it. 

If you are having trouble sleeping, then it will provide you with a comforting ambiance where you will be able to sleep well. 

Easy to use 

Although the dehumidifier has a lot of benefits, but the good thing is that it is very easy to use. you just have to place the unit in your house, plug it in and then relax while taking all its numerous benefits. You need to worry the drainage only that might be automatic or manual. In both ways, you don’t have to put a lot of effort. 


A dehumidifier is essential to provide your house or office with a comfortable and peaceful environment. It fills up depending on ,any factors that includes the humidity level, size of the unit, pint capacity, area capacity and type. You should relate all of them to expect a certain amount daily. 

If it is slow, it can be due to a technical fault, lower humidity or incompatible features that might not match your needs. Supervising the unit good is always a better idea if you want your machine to run efficiently for a long time. 

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