How To Clean a Dehumidifier?

Dehumidifiers are simply the devices that take out the excess moisture that is probably present in the air at your home, office, or workplace. We know that dehumidifiers do not only remove extra moisture from the air.

 Along with this, a dehumidifier prevents bacteria, mildew, and mold at your houses, industries, or commercial areas by expelling out moisture from the air. However, you must keep your dehumidifier clean to maintain hygiene, and rest assured that your dehumidifier is going to work at its best. Therefore, cleaning it regularly is a must to do the task. During routine usage, the cleanliness of a dehumidifier is recommended at least twice a month.

During this panic pandemic, COVID-19 situations dehumidifier has been a blessing. When the air is thick, it’s a good option to use a dehumidifier and for the best results maintain healthiness by keeping it clean.

Advantages of Cleaning a Dehumidifier:

• If you keep your dehumidifier, you can rest assured that your dehumidifier’s efficiency will rise.

• Cleaning dehumidifiers give a boost to their lifespan.

• Cleaning a dehumidifier will give rise to an even and fresh atmosphere because your dehumidifier will be working actively.

Disadvantages of Not Cleaning a Dehumidifier:

• If you don’t clean your dehumidifiers once or twice in three weeks, they will lose their efficiency.

• Not cleaning your dehumidifier can give rise to a shorter lifespan.

• Not cleaning a dehumidifier causes it not to work properly.

• If the dehumidifier is not clean, it can allow the growth of molds and bacteria.

How Often Should You Clean Your Dehumidifier?

You can clean your dehumidifier once every two weeks or three. Furthermore, you can clean your dehumidifier twice a month. However, I recommend it twice a month because in this way it will be in a state where it can work properly and resist mold and bacteria.

Is It Necessary to Clean a Dehumidifier?

Well, if you have this question, then let us make it obvious to you that yes, it is extremely essential to keep your dehumidifier clean. Because while your dehumidifier is collecting moisture out of the air, it is also collecting dirt particles and bacteria. So, cleaning it once every two weeks is a must while it is in regular use.

• To stay safe and healthy.

• To maintain hygiene.

• To get rid of bacteria and molds.

• To let your dehumidifier function properly.

How to Get Rid of Molds?

• First, empty all the liquid from the water basket into the sink or down a hole.

• Half fill the basket with clear water. Bring about 1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid for every single gallon of water.

• Now swish around the water inside the basket to get rid of molds, debris, and dirt particles.

The Tools that you Need While Cleaning your Dehumidifier:

• Dust mask.

• Gloves.

• Soap/dishwasher liquid/detergent.

• Brush or a scrub.

• A soft, dry piece of cloth or towel.

• Vacuum cleaner optional

• Whether Vinegar or bleach. We recommend vinegar because it is more effective in disinfection of bacteria, mold, etc.

Procedure To Clean your Dehumidifier:

This is the procedure that you need to follow for the cleanliness of your dehumidifier.

1.  Unplug The Dehumidifier:

The first and the foremost essential step while cleaning a dehumidifier is to unplug the dehumidifier. To avoid any unwanted accident. Plug it out, and now you may continue while being sure that the dehumidifier is safe to clean.

2.  Wiping the Body of Dehumidifier:

Your dehumidifier has been busy providing you the best. So, now it’s your turn to clean it in the best ways. Just after you plugged out your dehumidifier. Take a dry piece of cloth and start wiping it out evenly without sprinkling any solvent or water on it.

3.  Cleaning the Water Basket/Tank:

All the moisture from the air is amassed in the dehumidifier tank. So, it is obvious that it gets dirty rapidly. Unless and until you are probably provided with the convenience to drain it all out into the sink or gutter.

• Empty all the dirty water from the bucket.

• Add the bucket to half full of clean and clear water.

• Add 1 tablespoon vinegar, soap, or dishwasher liquid for every single gallon of water.

• Rub gently with a brush or a sponge to let go of dirt, sticky grease, or debris.

• Let your dehumidifier dry completely.

4.  Clean the Filters:

The air that passes through the dehumidifier contains dirt particles, debris molds, mildew, and impurities. Which is probably the stuck-to-your dehumidifier filter? So, all you need to do is take these filters out carefully and rinse them thoroughly with water. Subsequently, you can take vinegar in a bowl and use it to clean the filters and dehumidifiers thanks to a sponge. Vinegar helps disinfect your dehumidifier. Finally, let your filters stay out for a while until they get completely dry. When they get dirty, they then go back to their original position.

5.  Vacuum Cleaning:

Now you can use the vacuum cleaner for a better cleaning up and get rid of any remaining dirt.

Why do we use Vinegar for Cleaning a Dehumidifier?

Vinegar is not only useful for cooking.  However, It also brings about a tremendous cleanser and disinfectant because it’s created from acetic acid. … The acidic nature of vinegar is so strong it can dissolve mineral deposits, dirt, grease, and grime. It is also strong enough to kill bacteria.

Vinegar is the best fungal killer with a higher potential to fight fungus, molds, and bacteria. While cleaning, a dehumidifier is the best applicable option. Along with this, it disinfects your dehumidifier by causing resistance to fungal growth.


Before getting started, you must notify the precautionary measures to stay safe.

• Wear a mask to avoid any sort of allergies or infections.

• Wear gloves on your hands. To avoid any reaction or allergies.


Do Dehumidifiers kill mold?

No, they do not kill molds. However, they may prevent it by resisting their growth. Therefore, do not wait for a miracle and remove the mold.

What is the Best Option to Clean with Vinegar or Bleach?

In my opinion, the best way to clean your dehumidifier is to clean it with vinegar because it contains acetic acid, which resists the growth of molds and debris.

How to Clean the Coils on a Dehumidifier?

You can grab a sprinkle bottle and blend one portion of vinegar with one portion of water. Sprinkle the combination in the dehumidifier tank. Let the spray settle for a while for rubbing the tray down with a sponge or a brush. Tidy up the filter and coils by cleaning the grill using a soft brush.

How Dirty Can a Dehumidifier Get?

The Dehumidifiers can get filthy if there is no direct drainage system. If you don’t clean them regularly, it’s going to be hard for you to clean them. It can be worse than even, it can have brown stuff inside it.

What is the Brown Stuff Inside the Dehumidifier called?

The ugly brown-looking stuff inside your dehumidifier is nothing but the dirt and debris stock at your dehumidifier due to lack of cleaning. That also gives an awkward rancid smell.

Does a Dehumidifier make you Sick?

If you have this question in your mind then to better explain we say that in case your dehumidifier is not clean, and it has dirt and dust. It can make you sick. This can be better elaborated as if the water inside the reservoir is not drained off properly. Then it might be possible for us to fall prey to pneumonia, allergies, and skin problems because of the long-staying water in the reservoir, which gives rise to molds, fungus, etc.

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