How to Use Dehumidifier Effectively

A dehumidifier fights the extra moisture and the dangers it can accompany in your house, office, or business area. It is the most cost-friendly and user-friendly way to switch your lifestyle to a healthy one by adding it to your daily routine. 

If you are a new user or you are intending to buy the unit then it can make you worried about how to use a dehumidifier. We are here to help you with all the essential details that you make you an expert in handling this unit. 

Types of Dehumidifiers

Following are a  few types of dehumidifiers, we are mentioning them here so that you can first know your type and then operate the unit accordingly. 

Refrigerator Dehumidifiers 

This is the most popular type of dehumidifier. It is used almost everywhere from small rooms to large halls and business places. It works on the same mechanism as a refrigerator. 

It comes in all types of designs and sizes to match the versatile needs of consumers. The units have a water tank, and, in some cases, they have the option of a direct drainage hose. They are compatible with limited area spaces that vary from unit to unit. You cannot use one unit for the whole house because they are for a single room or hall. 

Desiccant Dehumidifiers 

This type has silica beads that absorb the extra moisture and change their color. They don’t have a water tank or direct drainage system. They also have limited area capacities for single rooms such as wardrobes, gun safes, small rooms, or storerooms. 

They work on charging and once the color of the beads changes completely then the users need to recharge it. 

Whole house dehumidifiers 

The whole house dehumidifiers are ducted, and they dehumidify the whole house in a single operation. They have a direct drainage system and the user enjoys a healthy atmosphere effortlessly. Although they are a little higher in price than other types they consume less energy and produce less heat. 

How to Use a Refrigerator Dehumidifier?  

Refrigerator Dehumidifier

First, start with the most commonly used dehumidifiers as you might be one of its users. 


The dehumidifier takes the extra moisture from the air of your room and then passes it through its coils. The coils are the main internal part of the unit and they squeeze the extra water in the water tank or drain it directly through the drainage hose. It then leaves the dry air out of it which is free of extra water and other infectious particles.  


The installation is very easy. Once the dehumidifier reaches your room, the next step is to remove all the packing plastic from it and decide a place for it. Then you have to plug it into the electricity socket. 

Drainage system 

You have to decide the drainage system you want at the time of buying the dehumidifier. If the drainage is manual through the water tank then the installation is easier and equipment-free. In this, you will be able to move the machine freely especially if it has wheels or is lightweight. 

If the drainage system is automatic, then you need a direct drain hose that needs to be connected with the unit. You need to decide the place from where you will pass it to the garden. In this, you must have a specific place in your room for the machine as you won’t be able to move it freely. 


The handling of the refrigerator dehumidifier greatly depends on the type of its control panel and its options. If it is smart then it has the options of ideal humidity set, timers, on/off buttons, sound alarms, light indicators, automatic shut off, and automatic defrost. It might have a touch control or button control. 

You need to switch on the dehumidifier after you plug it in the socket. If it has the option then set the ideal humidity that you want or need and set a timer or mode (if available) that suits you the best. Usually, most of the units have a sleep mode that keeps the operation running with noise insulation to provide the users with a comfortable sleep. 

Most of the units have an automatic shut-off and light indicators or sound alarms for emptying the tank when it’s full to save energy and prevent overflowing. You need to empty the bucket and replace it to keep the operation running. 

In direct drainage, you just need to switch on the unit, set a timer and an ideal humidity level, and let the dehumidifier do its work. 

Filters cleaning or replacement 

The filters of the unit need to be replaced or cleaned if it has washable ones. You can check by looking at their color because they change their color when they get dirty. 

The average time of filter cleaning or replacement is between three to six months. It can vary as it depends upon the usage and quality of the unit. 

How to Use a Desiccant Dehumidifier? 

Following is the detail about the operation and handling of a desiccant dehumidifier. 


The desiccant dehumidifier has a different operation than other types of dehumidifiers. They are very simple and process only through silica beads. 

They have packets of silica beads that absorb the extra moisture from your room and change their color. When the bead reaches its maximum water level then you need to recharge the unit.  


They are available in different sizes and the installation is super easy. Just uncover the unit, place it at your target area and let the beads do the magic. Almost in every machine, you don’t have to plug it in the socket all the time as their operation is wireless which makes it even more user-friendly and environmentally friendly. 


When the dehumidifier is fully charged, just place it at your target place and then be worry-free. You will not hear any noise from the compressor and the best thing is that you can place it anywhere.  

The drainage options are also better. The silica beads do all the work, and you don’t need to empty a water tank or connect the drainage hose. It is the most effortless operation that you can expect from a dehumidifier. 


The recharging also needs very small effort. You don’t have to go for any coolant or an expert. You can do it at home by just plugging in the unit in the electricity socket and waiting until the beads change their color back to the original one. The recharging time varies from unit to unit, and you can know yourself by reading the manual with concentration. 

How to Use a Whole House Dehumidifier? 

Following is the detail about the operation and use of a whole-house dehumidifier. 


The whole house dehumidifier takes out the air from every corner of your house and then filters it, cools it, and finally condenses it by squeezing the water into the water tank or draining it directly. 

It has direct drainage in almost every unit because it is hard to empty the water tank that contains the extra moisture of your whole house. 

In many cases, it is ducted and that makes the process even more efficient and easier. 


The whole house dehumidifiers are a little harder to install than other types of dehumidifiers because you need to make sure that it takes out the moisture from all corners of your house. 

You can decide a place for and then call an expert to do the process so there would be no leakage and no loopholes that can hinder its efficiency. 

You can place the unit in your basement or any crawl space where it suits your needs. 


Although it is hard to install the unit once you are done with it, it is very easy to handle as you just have to switch on the operation. Most of them have smart technology and stop the operation when the humidity reaches an optimum level. 

It is completely effortless, and you don’t have to supervise it over again. We would like to recommend that you should choose a unit with automatic restart because it will continue the operation after a power outage without any effort from its users. 


All three types of dehumidifiers are easy to use and each of them has its benefits to provide comfort to its users. You can choose any one of them according to your needs. Make sure that you handle them as mentioned above to let the operation be hazard-free.  

They are the easiest to use and easy to maintain home appliances with numerous benefits. So, you should not wait for more if you don’t have one because now you know that it is very easy to use a dehumidifier and you will never regret having one. 

We wish you luck with the next purchase of your dehumidifier or your new dehumidifier that you got already. 

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