Is Dehumidifier water good for Plants?

Humidity is the measure of water content in the air. To condition this air, usually, air conditioners are used that drop the temperature. But in the case of regions where only humidity is high and not temperature a dehumidifier is enough.

This device absorbs the extra moisture in the air condensing it into water vapors. These water vapors are collected in the condensate tank of the dehumidifier. Well, this water seems to be clean and with the water crisis in the world, reusing this water is a wise decision.

Coming down to many options for water usage watering plants seems the most preferable option.

But wait! Is dehumidifier water good for plants?

The answer to this question is conditional. It depends on the plants you want to water with this condensate residue. Along with the water vapors, fungi, ions, dust particles, and some other pollutants must be there. So using it for edible plants or herbs you want to eat is a big No!

Although you can use dehumidifier water to water the outdoor and indoor plants that are not edible.

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Why is dehumidifier water not good for plants?

With all the chemicals, bacteria, and fungi residing in the condensate tank with the water, this may lead to contamination of edible plants. Consuming these plants may transfer those harmful contaminants to your body.

Also if your plants have some kind of disease or fungi then those spores will also be in the air and will get to the condensate water. Reusing that water won’t let the plant recover ever.

Another point to consider is that this water is similar to the distilled water i.e. demineralized so to use it for plants you have to add some minerals like potassium, calcium, etc. as they will be of no good to the plants.

Plants that are safe to water with dehumidifier water

Although this water is unsafe for edible plants and can’t be used without minerals on general plants, still some plants are safe to water with it. For example, Orchids require distilled water to survive, so you can use this water for it instead. Many other hydroponic plants can also thrive on this water like carnivorous plants, spider plants, marantas, dracaenas, etc.

Some other ways to utilize dehumidifier water

Besides watering the plants there are some other ways you can reuse the dehumidifier water that are:

  • Use it in a flush tank instead of clean water for flushing purposes and conserve clean water resources.
  • You can use this gray water for cleaning the house or your car with your soaps, cleaning liquids, or detergents.
  • This condensate water can be used in the steam iron for ironing your clothes. This water is better for your iron as it won’t leave any mineral residues in your iron.

Saving water for a better future!

Reusing your dehumidifier water is a good practice to follow. Watering edible plants with this water seems safe if you are sure your house is pollutant-proof. Otherwise, you can still use this Gray water or condensate for general plants, garden shrubs, or flowers. This may save you a lot of clean water that helps to conserve our planet’s resources and aid nature.

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