6 Most Energy Efficient Dehumidifiers in 2022

If you are experiencing any of these conditions that are musty, wet, mildew, or the dreaded moist in any area of your home, especially in the basement, you may need a dehumidifier.

 In order to buy the most useful appliances that you can have in your home, it is very important that along with buying that product it should also help to lighten the load of energy it is consuming, which can save you a ton of money.

 If we look around, there are so many different dehumidifiers available, but the most challenging thing is finding the most energy efficient dehumidifiers.

Other dimensions that you need to look at are space you want to dehumidify, tank capacity, and don’t forget about the pump, which is used to empty the dehumidifier for you.

Features to consider in order buying an energy efficient dehumidifier

There are a number of different factors that you need to keep in mind while looking for the best energy efficient dehumidifier. These are the major key components you need to think about before the final purchase.

  • Dehumidification performance 

Basically the performance level majorly depends on how humid your house is. So in that case you need a model that can take out tons of moisture every day. 

Another important aspect is that you don’t get confused between the performance and capacity because most machines fill their tanks more than once in a really humid area.

  • Water tank capacity

One of the most significant factors in determining how much moisture is removed from air is the capacity of your dehumidifier. So if you don’t want to empty that tank several times a day, you can go for a larger tank size.

  • Energy efficient star certification

As we are talking about energy efficiency, we also need to check the Energy star certification. With the help of this certification it will be easier for us to buy a product whose specifications are guaranteed to save your money.

  • Weight and dimensions

Obviously, the larger the space you want to dehumidify, the larger your dehumidifier is going to be. So in order to make sure you need to have a spot large enough to accommodate the model you are going to buy.

  • Some extra features

Two key points are really useful when it comes to energy efficient dehumidifiers.

  1. Auto shut-off  system
  2. Indicator light to tell when the tank is full.

If you are in Hurry, then check out our top 3 Most Energy Efficient Dehumidifiers

  1. Vremi 22 Pint 1,500 Sq. Ft. Dehumidifier Energy Star
  • Removes up to 22 pints from the air per day
  • Turbo mode that increases the fan speed
  • Drain hose outlet for continuous draining
  • Sleek design 
  1. GE Portable Dehumidifier with Pump | 50 Pint 
  • Energy star dehumidifier removes 50 pints of moisture
  • Built- in pump
  • Empty bucket alarm
  • Clean filter alert
  • Easy to use
  1. Gree Dehumidifier 35 Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier
  • 50 pints of daily moisture removal
  • Humidity level monitoring
  • Quiet and smart design

6 Best Energy Efficient Dehumidifiers

The table below contains all the major key features to give a comparison and also to make it easy for you to choose between all the most energy efficient dehumidifiers that will be according to your needs.

Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick

Gree Dehumidifier 35 Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier

50 pints of daily moisture removal
Humidity level monitoring
Quiet and smart design
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SEAVON 35oz Dehumidifiers for Home

High efficient dehumidification with 1000ml capacity tank
Two working modes and ultra quiet
Space saving and portable
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COLZER Up to 6,000 Sq. Ft

removing 140 pints of moisture from air
A big full-function touch pad control
Stylish and portable
2 drain option
Check Price

Shinco 1,500 Sq.Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier

Energy star certified dehumidifier
Removes 30 pints of moisture each day
Quickly and effectively absorbs moisture with minimal energy
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Runner Up

Vremi 22 Pint 1,500 Sq. Ft

Removes up to 22 pints of moisture per day
Sleek and clean look with convenient built in wheels
Shuts off automatically
Turbo mode that increases speed of fan

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GE Portable Dehumidifier with Pump

Removes’ 50 pints of moisture
Built- in pump
Empty bucket alarm
Clean filter alert
Easy to use
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6 Most Energy Efficient Dehumidifiers review

Here is the complete single product review of all the best 7 energy efficient dehumidifiers.

Gree Dehumidifier 35 Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier

Most Energy Efficient Dehumidifiers


  • It can remove up to 35 pints of water every 24 hours.
  • Humidity level monitoring
  • Energy-star rating
  • Auto shut-off and auto restart
  • Smart and sleek design 
  • Provides 12 months warranty

This Gree energy star dehumidifier is best for bathroom, basement, and bedroom moisture removal because of its high efficiency and remarkable features.

It can remove 35 Pints of moisture from the area per day for up to 3000 Sq.ft. It will help your AC system work more efficiently as it’s easier to change the temperature of dry air than moist air.

In the beginning the control panel will display the current humidity level, but after reaching the target humidity level set by the consumer, the dehumidifier will power off automatically.

The dehumidifier will keep working until the drainage bucket is full, which will not happen if you have continuous drainage set up.

This dehumidifier has a quiet design; it is so quiet that you might even forget it’s there. If compared it is Quieter than a private suburban street or a normal conversation at home.

Since this is an energy-star rated product this dehumidifier will quickly remove all moisture from the air without making your utility bills a burden for you. This energy efficient appliance is not just better for the environment; they also cost 30% less to operate compared to non-Energy Star appliances.

For a more easy and convenient experience this dehumidifier is equipped with auto shut-off and auto restart function. Even after a power outage or interruption, this device will automatically restart in the settings last used after the power is restored. 

  • Big water tank
  • Filter cleaning alert
  • Auto adjust
  • Energy star
  • Continuous drainage option
  • Blows a lot of hot air outside

Customers Reviews

This energy-efficient dehumidifier has many positive reviews by its customers and has an energy star rating, making it very convincing to buy.  Here we are sharing some of the reviews given by customers.

According to one of the customer’s reviews, she installed this dehumidifier and then moved to another place where she installed it again. This dehumidifier worked perfectly at both places with no leakage from the hose attachment point. She also included that it comes with three fan speeds whereas most competitors give it two fan speeds.

Another important review shared by one of the customers is that she bought 4 dehumidifiers and then returned them but with this dehumidifier she is very satisfied because of its high efficiency and sleek design. Secondly, its non-stop function makes it amazing, as you don’t have to touch it if you have enabled its non-stop function and have its pump placed perfectly for the drainage. Thirdly, it is very quiet because it has three fan adjustments which can range in loudness and she barely hears it working when her AC is also on.


We have chosen this dehumidifier for its energy efficient star rating, effective performance in removing vast quantities of moisture and sleek modern design.

SEAVON 35oz Dehumidifiers for Home, 2600 Cubic Feet (280 sq ft), Quiet Dehumidifier

best energy efficient dehumidifier


  • High efficient dehumidification
  • Auto shut off and colorful night lights
  • Ultra quiet and two working modes
  • Portable and space saving
  • Professional customer service and two years of warranty

Cylindrical dehumidifier by SEAVON is one of our stylish picks that can extract moisture from an area of 2600 Cubic Feet equal to 280 sq ft. This dehumidifier is power efficient for removing moisture from air and can keep moisture below 45%. Its capacity tank can extract up to 450ml of water per day in a humid environment.

This dehumidifier is designed with two working modes: high speed and low speed and you can easily switch between these two according to your need. Its low-speed mode is super quiet, considerate whisper- quiet operations that are perfect for sleeping in the bedroom.

It is basically a small dehumidifier with cylindrical design that is perfect for your home for your kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. It comes up with 7 changing lights which can create a very sweet and romantic atmosphere for you to sleep. 

This dehumidifier is very convenient and safe to use even when you are not at home. It has an auto shut-off function to prevent the bucket from overflowing.

According to one of the researchers, if the humidity level is above 50% then it can cause an uncomfortable environment or other kinds of health problems. This dehumidifier will start working automatically if the humidity level is above 45%. It collects all the moisture from air and makes it fresh and comfortable. 

This dehumidifier has 2 years of warranty along with lifetime 24 working hour’s customer service and tech support.

  • 1000ml large capacity
  • Portable and compact
  • Energy saving
  • Two working modes
  • Auto shut-off
  • Colorful lights
  • No built in pump

Customers Reviews

This dehumidifier has received many reviews from a large number of customers. We are sharing three of them here.

One of the customers defined this dehumidifier as smart but mighty as he has a washroom with no window in it and was having some issues with mold. Using this dehumidifier helped them tremendously to get rid of moisture and is perfect fit for small spaces.

Another customer added that this dehumidifier is great for small rooms and is very stylish as well because of its cool color changing effects. He was very impressed by the amount of moisture this compact dehumidifier is removing from the air. Also it is very simple to operate and easy to empty the water and in case if you forgets that it is on there is an auto shut-off to prevent overflow.


The main reason for choosing this dehumidifier is for its portable and compact design along with energy saving features.

COLZER Up to 6,000 Sq. Ft. Commercial Dehumidifier

most energy efficient dehumidifier


  • 140 pints of daily moisture removal
  • Automatic/ manual drainage 
  • Water full protection
  • Dehumidifier dry clothes mode
  • 6.6 feet drain hose

This dehumidifier by COLZER is a perfect choice for large spaces for its high efficiency for moisture removal. This commercial-grade dehumidifier is best for drying solutions for wet areas like the basement with a lot of moisture.

It has a highly functioned touch-pad control panel with separate digital humidity and temperature readings. It has a customized option for outlet air direction along with adjustable fan speed and auto ON/OFF.

This dehumidifier is for a large room with an extra large capacity water reservoir. It has 2 drain options in which one is manual and the other one with 6.6 long hose continuous drainage with the help of gravity. It has an advanced full tank alert system with auto shut-off to prevent overflow of water.

It is a compact commercial dehumidifier with an aesthetically pleasing look and can fit decoratively and neatly into any area where you want to install it for example living room, office and also commercial areas like libraries, museum and showrooms.

With its easy rolling caster wheels feature it makes it easy to move this portable dehumidifier from one place to another.

 Besides the conventional dehumidify mode this dehumidifier comes with an extra unique laundry mode. This feature quickly dries your delicate clothes that require a long time to hang dry. It has auto-swinging louvers which helps to improve airflow or also can be changed to direct the air to specific direction for quick results.

  • Smart operation mode
  • High pint capacity
  • Automatic shut off system
  • Large area capacity
  • Timer
  • Expensive

Customers Reviews

This dehumidifier has many positive reviews by its users, which makes it a promising product to buy. We are sharing some of the reviews here. 

One of the customers said that he had a very damp basement with almost 88degrees of humidity. Now after installing this dehumidifier it feels like an upstairs room. He also added that this is one of the most elegant, well made and super effective dehumidifiers. It is expensive but it is worth buying.

Another customer said it is large as well as the most quiet dehumidifier. He said that the unit by COLZER is the most effective and efficient that is really powerful and works quickly. The touch pad controls on this unit are very easy to use and it also has a very stylish display of temperature and humidity level. He said that this is a very quiet dehumidifier which just seems like a fan is running.


We have chosen this dehumidifier because of its modern design and large area capacity that is 6000 square feet.

Shinco 1,500 Sq.Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier

most energy efficient dehumidifiers

As from its name it is obvious that this dehumidifier by Shinco is an energy efficient dehumidifier that will cost you much less than the other dehumidifiers. It removes 30 pints of moisture each day. 

This energy star certified dehumidifier is a perfect choice to quickly and effectively absorb all the moisture from the air with a very minimal amount of energy consumption.

It cannot be only used for small spaces but also for medium spaced areas like basement, cellar, garage and bedrooms. This dehumidifier will cost you 30% less than a non-energy star dehumidifier.

You can adjust this dehumidifier to an ideal dehumidification setting and then it can run for 24 hours until the tank will be full after that it will automatically turn off. 

You don’t have time to empty the tank manually you can choose continuous drainage mode by using the gravity drain hose connection.

Along with the dehumidification feature it also has a great convenient feature of drying the clothes quickly. It has an LED screen that visually shows the current humidity level and your desired target setting.

If we talk about Shinco dehumidifiers they all have perfect after service. They are offering a 1 year warranty with lifetime customer service that works 24 hours and is always ready to solve your problem. In case you don’t like the product they are also offering with a 30 days money back guarantee.

  • Modern design
  • High pint 
  • Money back guarantee
  • Auto or manual continuous drainage 
  • Not for large area capacity

Customers Reviews

Many customers review this dehumidifier because of its energy star certification and efficiency. Two of them are here.

One of the customers said that he was getting very annoyed because of the humidity level he was experiencing and this product saved him. As advertised this product is working exactly the same. As soon as it was plugged in it started working immediately with no more moisture in the air.

Another customer added that he is impressed with how quiet this dehumidifier is, it is not louder than a fan running in the background. It has both the options of manually setting the dehumidification level and putting it on auto to continuously dry the air.


We have chosen this dehumidifier because of its energy star certification with high efficiency.

Vremi 22 Pint 1,500 Sq. Ft. Dehumidifier Energy Star

top energy efficient dehumidifiers


  • Removes up to 22 pints of moisture per day
  • Sleek and clean look with convenient built in wheels
  • Shuts off automatically after completing 24 hours cycle
  •  Turbo mode that increases speed of fan
  • Continuous operation mode

This dehumidifier is designed as the Moisture Maniac and can remove moisture from 1500 square feet area. It has the most clean and sleek design compared to others. This dehumidifier has a quiet fan with built-in wheels.

It removes up to 30 pints of moisture and is energy star certified which works effectively by consuming a very little amount of energy. It comes up with a continuous drainage hose and also keeps on running for 24 hours until the tank is full.

This dehumidifier can be used for large rooms and it’s a portable dehumidifier with a turbo feature. With this turbo mode you can maximize the fan speed for quick removal of moisture from the air.

Even if this dehumidifier has the turbo mode option it is still very quiet because of its modern design. It is very convenient and easy to use with its electric control panel with which the user can manage humidity level according to their choice.

It has a visible water level with which you can see the exact amount of water collected in the water tank. Also it has a very easy to clean filter that you can clean after a month or two. 

  • A quick heads up
  • Portable and efficient 
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy to clean filter
  • High pint
  • Limited water tank capacity

Customers Reviews

A large number of customers review this dehumidifier. Two of them are as follows.

One customer said this is a dehumidifier that runs for a couple of hours and makes a remarkable change in humidity level. It is packaged very nicely and is not very complicated to use. He was able to set this product and turned it on in just 5 minutes. According to him it is a well made device which works effectively.

Another customer said that he already has one of the dehumidifiers at his home which has a capacity of 50 pints which was taking a lot of space at his home. After buying this dehumidifier it is now very easy for him to put it in small spaces. Along with its sleek design he was very impressed with its performance as well. He said that the comfort mode is amazing, and every morning he just turns it on for one hour and it brings down humidity very quickly.


We have chosen this product because of excellent reviews and high efficiency.

GE Portable Dehumidifier with Pump | 50 Pint 

most energy efficient dehumidifier


  • Energy star dehumidifier removes 50 pints of moisture
  • Built- in pump
  • Empty bucket alarm
  • Clean filter alert
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable humidistat
  • Auto-defrost

This is a heavy duty, GE portable dehumidifier that works efficiently and removes 50 pints of moisture from the air each day and it is ideal for very damp rooms and places with extra moisture like the basement.

It has a built-in pump with a 16 feet hose which allows water to be drained to the customer’s convenient location. With this feature it is easy to eliminate the need for checking the bucket and empty it periodically.

Its bucket capacity is 1.8 gallons and an alert alarm feature, which will let you know that it’s the time to empty the bucket.

This dehumidifier works best if the filter is clean and the product itself will alert you that it’s the time to clean the filter with its filter clean alert feature.

It has adjustable humidistat with 3 fan speed to choose accordingly. Auto restart and auto defrost function provides effective moisture removal.

  • Empty bucket alarm 
  • Clean filter alert
  • Long hose drainage option
  • Highly efficient
  • 50 pints of daily moisture removal
  • Do not have wheels

Customers Reviews

This dehumidifier received an enormous amount of comments. We are sharing some of them here.

One of the customers who owns this dehumidifier said that she had a large space in her home with a humidity level of 75%. As long as she turned it on it took out the moisture very efficiently. 

Another customer said that he was using this for several months and could not be happier. He said that he researched a lot before buying this product and it is perfect and the quietest dehumidifier they have ever had and also it doesn’t put out much heat. 


We have chosen this dehumidifier for its built-in pump and large area capacity.


Considering all the features we have discussed so far, these dehumidifiers are highly efficient, advanced, and sleek modern designs. According to your needs you can choose between them as we have listed dehumidifiers for all kinds of spaces that can be used in a single room, medium spaces and even for commercial purposes.

These dehumidifiers are mostly energy star certified to avoid extra power and heavy bills. With these dehumidifiers you can enjoy a more comfortable and dry environment. All of these products have good customer services as well as 1 year or more warranty.


  1. Which dehumidifier is most energy efficient?

The most energy efficient dehumidifiers are the one which has an energy star certification with them. Also one major thing that affects how efficient a product is its capacity of taking moisture from the air. Any pint above 50 will surely consume more power than the one with 20 or 30.

  1. Are portable dehumidifiers worth buying?

Portable dehumidifiers are basically for small spaces and also if you want to place the dehumidifier in different rooms. They work perfectly in drying out the moisture from air by using very little amount of power as they are mostly energy efficient. The only disadvantage in buying a portable dehumidifier is that you need to empty its tank manually by yourself as it does not come with a hose to drain automatically.

  1. Are there any benefits dehumidifiers bring to human health?

As we all know, nowadays we have so many allergens in the environment which basically needs a moist atmosphere to survive. By using dehumidifiers you can easily get rid of these allergens and can have clean fresh air to breath. Also dehumidifiers keep the air much cooler.

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