Privacy Policy

The Dehumidifier opens through the link Our website provides the services as under. Our privacy policy only applies to you if or when you interact with our website through any device.

What does it state?

If you want to use our liturgies, then you must agree to the gathering and use of data about this privacy policy. The privacy policy is related to the terms and conditions and is almost alike. This means it is accessible at unless otherwise defined in the privacy policy.

We gather the information that is, in turn, used by us, we or our page to provide you better services. We use this specific age to give information to website visitors about our privacy policies with the usage, assembly, and safety of your data. Anyone receptive to use our website services. The website.

Collection of Information and Its Use:

When you use our website services. We want you to provide us with certain personal information, including but not restricted to just your contact number or postal address. The data that we gather will be used to contact or identify you.

What Information Do We Collect?

We do not collect only your postal address or contact information but also account information, registration information, online identification information, Internet activity information, preferences, behavioral data, location identification, health & fitness information, etc.

We should let you know when you visit our site. Furthermore, we collect data that your browser gives us and is understood as log data. This log data may contain information such as your internet protocol (“IP”) address, browser version, page of our website services that you visit, the time and date you visited, the time duration spent on the pages, and other such statics.

From Where Do We Collect The Information?

We do not only collect your personal information from you, but also from the device you are using while using our website services. Through cookies and some other technologies.

Why Do We Use Your Personal Information?

  • We use your data to customize the content ads you see while using our website services.
  • To protect you as well as us from any conspiracy and other security issues.
  • We need you to provide us your personal information to provide you the content of your preferences or interest.

With Whom Do We Share Your Data?

We share your provided data with third-party members. To get the tasks done that are assigned to them by us. They are obliged to use this data ethically.

We require it by law with a partner or buyer of our service providers. We need to share it with the advertisers. However, we make sure to keep your data safe to maintain law and order.

What are Cookies?

Cookies can be regarded as the messages that our website servers pass to your browser when you visit our site, or these are the records with a limited amount of information that is normally used as unspecified unusual identifiers. We deliver cookies to your browser from the website, and they are stored as a file. They are accordingly stocked on a computer hard drive. Our website employs these “cookies” to obtain data and to make our assistance better for you.

Do You Have To Accept the Cookies?

No, it’s not a must-do thing, but you should consider accepting cookies if you want to stay updated or if you want to stay connected to our website page We have given options to you that you can either deny or accept the cookies which are being sent to your device. However, if you deny the cookies, you may not be able to get the benefit of all our services.

Our Services Provider:

To obtain the best out of everything. We share your data with other partners or shareholders to get our tasks done or provide services. These companies are the third parties or as under

  • The buyers.
  • The advertisers.
  • The business partners.
  • The shareholders.

It is essential to inform you that they have access to the information that you provide us. The reason behind this is to conduct the tasks appointed to them on our behalf. However, they are committed to keep it safe or use the data for appropriate motives solely.

Our Security System:

We value your trust, and we strive for the best to use commercially sufficient methods. Thus, there is no such electronic storage method on the Internet that is 100% secured. So, (we, or us) cannot assure you of 100% security, but we guarantee you the maximum possible security.

The Children’s Privacy:

Our website services do not willingly address anyone under the age of 15. We do not intentionally collect any personal identification information from your 15-year-old children.

However, if we come to know a child is underage, we abruptly erase the respective data from our servers, and if you are knowledgeable that your children had given us any personal data. Then you must contact us to let us take the possible necessary actions.

Links to Other Website:

While we are providing you with our better services. You must know that there are links, ads, and sites links connected or advertised on our page. We have no such concern, know-how, or interrelation with that specific content, and we are not responsible for their performance.

However, we highly recommend you to visit their privacy policy before getting started with that specific site.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions or guidance about our privacy policy, feel free to contact us at

Changes in The Privacy Policy:

We can make changes to the privacy policy and this will be updated on this provided page. So, we highly advise you to remain revamped by visiting the updates from time to time. Visiting our page periodically will surely benefit you with all our laws, agreements, terms and conditions, and privacy policies.