TOSOT 30 Pint Dehumidifier VS. HomeLabs 50 Pint Dehumidifier Comparison

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This article discusses the differences between the two dehumidifiers mentioned-above. The main difference between a Tosot 30-pint dehumidifier and HomeLabs 50-pint dehumidifier is that Tosot cover 50 pint of humidity while HomeLabs covers about 30 pint humidity. So, you must know the purpose, pints, and area before buying one.

Due to severe climatic change, every other person is suffering from immense humidity, which is a big problem because extra humidity in the air invites a lot of harmful allergens to the environment. Humidity is the main reason for foul odor, mold, mildew, and many dangerous allergies. 

To eliminate all these allergies and extremely uncomfortable humid environments, we can use a dehumidifier according to our needs and the space we want to dehumidify. Here we will have a comparison between TOSOT 30-pint dehumidifier and HOmLabs 50-pint dehumidifier.

This blog post will mainly cover the difference between Tosot 30-pint dehumidifier and HomeLabs 50-pints dehumidifier. Along with this it will let you know which one you should choose and which one fits in choose your needs.

What features make you buy TOSOT 30-pint dehumidifier?

By using the TOSOT dehumidifier, you will remove the moisture of almost 30-pints for a nearly 24-hour single period. If we talk about gallons, it almost equals 4 gallons, which is quite an enormous number of moisture.

It is a portable dehumidifier with wheels and has a hose outlet for continuous draining. TOSOT is a very quiet dehumidifier that gives you a peaceful environment at night for a good sleep.

What features make you buy hOmeLabs 50-pint dehumidifier?

On the other hand, hOmeLabs dehumidifier can remove moisture from large spaces and rooms with an area of up to 3,000 square feet. 

This dehumidifier is an ideal choice for the basements. It can efficiently remove moisture to prevent any mold and dampness. It is also an energy-star certified dehumidifier that will combat moisture without consuming more power.

Comparison between TOSOT 30-pint dehumidifier and HomeLabs 50-pint dehumidifier

Here, we will take a look at the Tosot dehumidifier versus HomeLabs dehumidifier, and you might have figured out that these dehumidifiers are designed to extract a different amount of humidity per day. 

Each of them has a few distinct differences, and here we will look at the differences between each of them to make it easy for you to buy the best choice.

Functionality Comparison

TOSOT 30-pint dehumidifierhOmeLabs 50-pint dehumidifier
Dehumidification in pints per dayThis dehumidifier will suck in the air, eliminate the moisture, and then blow the air back into the room. It is able t0 remove up to 30-pints of humidity in a single day.This dehumidifier has two speeds, one in with normal air that’s CFM range is 165 and the other one with turbo mode whose CFM range is almost 188. It can eliminate excessive moisture up to 50-pints per day.
Space coverageIt is suitable for small room spaces like rooms, bathrooms, and offices or an area covering 1,500 square feet.This dehumidifier is suitable for large rooms up to an area of 3,000 square feet because it can dehumidify large spaces ideally without missing a single spot.
Automatic water tank alertIt has a feature of alerts to inform you that the water tank is almost getting full, and in case if not emptied at total tank capacity, it will automatically power off.This dehumidifier also comes up with a full tank alert and automatically shuts off when it reaches the full tank capacity.
Fan speedIt has up to three fan speeds that are low, medium, and high.It comes with two fan speeds but also has a turbo mode feature.
Calculation of moisture removal in terms of gallonsWith a Tosot dehumidifier, you can remove up to 3 to 4 gallons of humidity from the air.It can effectively remove up to 6 gallons of moisture from the air.
Humidity control panelAccording to your need, you can effortlessly control the humidity by adjusting the humidity range between 35% to 80% in your desired space. You can set this dehumidifier on continuous mode; if not, use the left/right buttons to adjust the humidity level comfortably.
Protection from mildew and bacteriaThis dehumidifier makes your air safe and bacteria-free to breathe. It gathers all the excess moisture from the air, which causes mildew and bacteria.It can remove humidity from every corner of your indoor room, and also it protects your clothes, furniture, and home goods from moisture rot, mildew, and bacteria, making the air fresh for breathing. 
Built-in pump for waterIt has no built-in water pump.This dehumidifier comes with a built-in pump compressor.
Other features and specificationsAutomatic defrost controlDigital humidistat displayFront bucket storageFull bucket indicatorAutomatic restart Touch control panelDefrost mode Turbo mode 24-hours timer

Design Comparison

TOSOT 30-pint dehumidifierhOmeLabs 50-pint dehumidifier
PortabilityThis dehumidifier has built-in caster wheels to move around your spaces  without having a problem lifting it up.It is made as a portable design with built-in handles ad wheels so you can effortlessly drive the unit within the home spaces.
Sleek and smart designThis dehumidifier has a solid body and a modern design. It is made with smaller dimensions so that it won’t take up ample storage space.If we define the design of this dehumidifier in just two simple words its compact and sleek. It can stand upright and consumes little amount of space in room.
Washable filtersAfter a usage of 250-hours of operation the lighting on this dehumidifier will begin to notify you that its time to clean the filters. You can use warm water along with a mild soap for cleaning the filters. Install them back after it gets completely dry.After every month you need to clean the filters with water and a mild detergent to get better removal of excessive moisture in air.
Energy star ratingThis dehumidifier will save you some extra bucks on your monthly power energy bills because it is an energy-star certified dehumidifier.This is an energy star certified dehumidifier which absorbs moisture quickly while consuming less energy even when its used 24/7.
Electronic control panelIt has an electronic control panel with a digital display.This dehumidifier has electronic touch control system.
Dimensions and weight(WxHxD)32 lbs13.4 x 19.5 x 9.84 inches40 lbs15.4 x 11 x 24.3 inches

Usability Comparison

TOSOT 30-pint dehumidifierhOmeLabs 50-pint dehumidifier
Auto restartIn case of power outage it has restart function that resumes operation and it reverts to the old settings on which the device was running before.This dehumidifier has automatic restart function which starts it automatically after a power outage.
Removable water tankYou can remove its water tank from the front and empty.Its water tank can be removed manually. You have to switch off the device and then remove and empty the tank.
Easy to use With its gravity drain option you can empty water into any floor drain or sump pump. This function eliminates the need to manually emptying the water tank.This dehumidifier has a continuous drain option which makes it easy to empty. You just need to attach the drain hose to an internal threaded end. 
Full water tank indicator Bucket full light indicator will turn on when the bucket will be near to full capacityIt has full water tank indicators that indicates that the tank is about to be filled completely.
Automatic shut-offWhen the water bucket will be full, it will shut off automatically.It operates for non stop 24-hours and only gets shut off when the water tank is full.

Pros and Cons Comparison

TOSOT 30-pint dehumidifierhOmeLabs 50-pint dehumidifier
Pros30-pints of moisture removal Continuous drainage Filter clean light indicator Handles and wheels Full water bucket indicator Space saving design Automatic restart and shut off Large bucket capacity Automatic defrost control50-pints of moisture removal Easy to move  Custom humidity levels Ideal for large spaces Eliminates bacteria and bad odor Energy star certified Built-in pump compressor Continuous Dehumidification
ConsNo built-in water pumpWhile in use it emits heatWhen in operation it emits heat which increases the temperature level.


After reviewing all the features of both the products, we concluded that both the products have excellent qualities. Due to differences in their pint capacities, prices, and coverage area, we can differentiate that hOmeLabs can perform better as it is designed for large spaces. In contrast, TOSOT is made for medium-spaced areas.

Both the products are energy-star certified and will help you in maintaining a low amount power consumption bill. Both are portable and are easy to use. The only feature that was missing in TOSOT was there is no built-in water pump with this dehumidifier.

Lastly, we tried to average out all the features and reviews from the customers on both the dehumidifiers, and we learned that both of them have a significantly good number of positive reviews. The average score that a dehumidifier managed to earn is 8.2, whereas the Tosot and hOmeLabs dehumidifier managed an average of 8.6 and 9.2 points, respectively.

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