TOSOT 35-pint Dehumidifier Vs. Keystone KSTAD504D Dehumidifier

Our Verdict

Due to differences in their pint capacities, prices, and coverage area, the main difference between Tosot 35 pint and Keystone 50 pint. Keystone can perform better as it is designed for large spaces. In contrast, TOSOT is made for medium-spaced areas.

Due to immense climatic change, every other person is suffering from severe humidity, which is a big problem because extra humidity in the air invites a lot of harmful allergens to the environment. Humidity is the main reason for foul odor, mold, mildew, and many dangerous allergies. 

To eliminate all these allergies and extremely uncomfortable humid environments, we can use a dehumidifier according to our needs and the space we want to dehumidify. Here we will have a comparison between TOSOT 35-pint dehumidifier and Keystone KSTAD504D 50-pint dehumidifier.

What features make you buy TOSOT 35-pint dehumidifier?

Keystone 50 Pint Dehumidifier with Electronic Control

By using the TOSOT dehumidifier, you will remove the moisture of almost 35-pints for a nearly 24-hour single period. If we talk about gallons, it almost equals 4 gallons, which is quite an enormous number of moisture.

It is a portable dehumidifier with wheels and has a hose outlet for continuous draining. TOSOT is a very quiet dehumidifier that gives you a peaceful environment at night for a good sleep.

What features make you buy Keystone KSTAD504D 50-pints dehumidifier?

TOSOT 35 Pint 3,000 Sq Ft Dehumidifier Energy Star

The Keystone KSTAD504D is an efficient and reliable dehumidifier specifically designed for large spaced areas with extra humidity and moisture issues.

This dehumidifier works quickly to absorb moisture out from an area of 4,500 square feet space to improve the air quality so that you can feel more comfortable in breathing.

Comparison between TOSOT 35-pint dehumidifier and Keystone 50-pint dehumidifier

Here, we will take a look at the Tosot dehumidifier versus Keystone dehumidifier, and you might have figured out that these dehumidifiers are designed to extract a different amount of humidity per day. 

Each of them has a few distinct differences, and here we will look at the differences between each of them to make it easy for you to buy the best choice.

TOSOT 35-pints dehumidifierKeystone 50-pints dehumidifier
Remove up to 35-pints of moisture every 24-hours Removes up to 50-pints of moisture from the air each day
Designed to dehumidify an area up to 3,000 square feetDesigned to dehumidify an area up to 4,500 square feet
Silent operation dehumidifier it is so quiet you can even forget that its on.24-hours timer and electronic controls with LED display
Water tank with a capacity of 1.5 gallonsWater tank with a capacity of 1.6 gallons and transparent water level indicators
Energy-star rated dehumidifier which consumes 30% less energyFour durable and omnidirectional wheels for easy movement
Continuous draining optionContinuous draining option
Automatic shut off on full bucket alertNormal, turbo, and auto defrost settings are available
Real-time monitoring Automatic restart during a power outage
Easy to moveAutomatic shut off on full bucket alert

Top features of Keystone KSTAD504D Dehumidifier


On this dehumidifier, you can set your ideal humidity range according to your need, anywhere from 35% to 85%. You will simply adjust the perfect setting by using the electronic controls with an LED display. Then, let the dehumidifier do the rest of the work to control the humidity levels and make a moisture-free environment for you.


This Keystone portable dehumidifier has four durable and omnidirectional caster wheels to make it easy for you to place it in various locations of your home by just rolling the wheels. You can use it in any space of your home or apartment, for example, bedroom, basement, garage, bathroom, or anywhere else, so that you can breathe in clean and moisture-free air again!

Eliminates excess moisture

This Keystone dehumidifier removes 50-pints of moisture efficiently from the air per day. This dehumidifier works very effectively and quickly absorbs the water from a humid area of almost 4,500 per square feet so that you can breathe more easily without having any lousy odor of mildew and mold in the air.

Continuous drain option 

For extreme humid conditions, you can use the continuous mode of a dehumidifier with a continuous draining option which is available and can be used with a low-level drain and a standard garden hose to keep yourself away from the burden of emptying the water bucket.

Excellent bucket design with water level indicators

In this dehumidifier, we have a completely clear, more convenient bucket with a capacity of 1.6 gallons which gives you clear and easy visibility to check the water level. 

With its unique transparent bucket design, you can quickly see how close the internal water bucket is being full in case if you choose to empty the bucket manually when it’s full.

Easy to Wash Filters

A sleek design and powerful performance dehumidifier make it easy for you to clean the filters at home. These filters need no extra charged services from outdoor. Instead, they are washable and can be washed easily to make the air you breathe fresh and crisp.

Multiple modes

With this dehumidifier, you can choose among different modes that fit best according to your need. 

  1. Normal mode
  2. Turbo mode
  3. Continuous mode

Top features of TOSOT 35-pints Dehumidifier


This dehumidifier will suck in the air, eliminate the moisture, and then blow the air back into the room. It is able to remove up to 30-pints of humidity in a single day.

It is suitable for small room spaces like rooms, bathrooms, and offices or an area covering 1,500 square feet.

Automatic water tank alert

It has a feature of alerts to inform you that the water tank is almost getting full, and in case if not emptied at total tank capacity, it will automatically power off.

Humidity control panel

According to your need, you can effortlessly control the humidity by adjusting the humidity range between 35% to 80% in your desired space.

Portability and smart design

This dehumidifier has built-in caster wheels to move around your spaces  without having a problem lifting it up.

This dehumidifier has a solid body and a modern design. It is made with smaller dimensions so that it won’t take up ample storage space.

Washable filters

After a usage of 250-hours of operation the lighting on this dehumidifier will begin to notify you that its time to clean the filters. You can use warm water along with a mild soap for cleaning the filters. Install them back after it gets completely dry.

Easy to use 

In case of power outage it has restart function that resumes operation and it reverts to the old settings on which the device was running before. You can remove its water tank from the front and empty.

With its gravity drain option you can empty water into any floor drain or sump pump. This function eliminates the need to manually emptying the water tank.

Bucket full light indicator will turn on when the bucket will be near to full capacity

When the water bucket will be full, it will shut off automatically.

Other features and specifications

Automatic defrost control

Digital humidistat display

Front bucket storage

Full bucket indicator

Pros and Cons Comparison

TOSOT 35-pint dehumidifierKeystone KSTAD504D dehumidifier
Pros30-pints of moisture removal Continuous drainage Filter clean light indicator Handles and wheels Full water bucket indicator Space saving design Automatic restart and shut off Large bucket capacity Automatic defrost control50-pints of moisture removal High humidity removal rate. Suitable quality materials Defrost mode hours timer Electronic controls with LED display. Water tank with a capacity of 1.6 gallons and Transparent water level indicators. Four durable, omnidirectional wheels Continuous draining option 
ConsNo built-in water pump While in use it emits heatNo built-in pump Only has a 1-year warranty The drain hose is not included


After reviewing all the features of both the products, we concluded that both the products have excellent qualities. Due to differences in their pint capacities, prices, and coverage area, we can differentiate that Keystone can perform better as it is designed for large spaces. In contrast, TOSOT is made for medium-spaced areas.

Both the products are energy-star certified and will help you in maintaining a low amount power consumption bill. Both are portable and are easy to use. The only feature that is missing in both dehumidifier was there is no built-in water pump.

Both dehumidifiers are an excellent moisture control dehumidifiers that fulfills the basic need of dehumidification if you live in a very humid area. Both are  just the right choice for the solution to your problem and are  perfect fit to absorb moisture quickly and effectively using minimal energy consumption for medium to large rooms. 

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