When to Use a Dehumidifier: Winter or Summer?

A dehumidifier is the only easy solution to fight the extra moisture and mold in your houses or offices. It provides a healthy environment to live peacefully and without any threat of allergens. This small investment switches the users to a healthy and risk-free lifestyle. 

There is confusion among buyers and users. The question is now very popular on the internet, i.e., when to use a dehumidifier: winter or summer? You have come to the right page if you are looking for the same. We have tried to provide the readers with every detail related to their question to be well aware of the use of their dehumidifier.  

The best time of the year to use a dehumidifier 

The first thing that you should be clear about is the best time to use a dehumidifier. Due to global warming, climate change, and greenhouse effect emission, industrial waste has caused atmospheric pollution in almost all corners of the world. So, a dehumidifier has become a major need than a luxury. 

The best way to operate a dehumidifier in your house depends on its environmental conditions. Before you get the unit, you should try to analyze the conditions of your room and area. Following is the checklist that you should go through thoroughly. 

  1. Humidity level 

If the humidity level of your room is above 50 percent, then you need to install a dehumidifier as it can be very dangerous for your health. Higher humidity levels make the conditions favorable for allergens, germs, microbes, and other infectious insects. 

  1. Temperature 

The second thing to note is the temperature and relative humidity level. In this way, you would know at what temperatures the humidity level exceeds to decide the best time to use the dehumidifier. 

  1. Mold

If there is mold on your walls, roof, and furniture, then your house and your health are under threat. It is very dangerous and can cause huge damages. Take notice of it at what temperature it gets mold, and then you can decide the right time to turn on a dehumidifier. 

  1. Bad odor 

If your house smells bad, then it makes the environment very uncomfortable. It is hard to do any work or sleep peacefully. You can be embarrassed when there are guests. It is also the result of extra humidity. If your room is suffering the same, you need a dehumidifier at the moment. 

  1. Water damage 

If there is no bad odor, mold, or extra humidity, your house or office gets water damage from a flood or other disaster. You should install a dehumidifier as it makes your area dry efficiently. 

All such conditions make it necessary to install a dehumidifier for you at any time of the year. 

Dehumidifiers in summers 

In hot summers, the humidity level tends to be more. A higher level makes your room more heated, and it is hard to feel comfortable in such an atmosphere. So, a dehumidifier is essential to control the extra humidity. 

The air conditioning needs to be run all the time because the excess moisture makes you feel hotter. When the dehumidifier operates in your room, it will extract the extra moisture that makes the room cooler. In this way, you can give rest to your air conditioner and save energy. This process is also environmentally friendly. 

Besides just temperature control in hot summers, the dehumidifier has a lot of other advantages, such as improving air quality, protection from mold, and eliminating the bad odor. 

Dehumidifiers in winters 

The humidity level is not as high as in summers in the winter season, but it is still best to install a dehumidifier as it has many other benefits. 

The problem with keeping the dehumidifier is that the water tank might freeze, and in this way, the machine can be damaged completely. So, when you buy a dehumidifier, you must be careful with its features. The best is to choose the unit with automatic defrosts that prevent it from icing up on its own. 

The temperature resistance for such dehumidifiers would be lower than 40 Fahrenheit. 

Dehumidifier in both seasons 

Extra humidity is a problem of almost all seasons. It can go a little higher or lower, but due to global warming, it is now a persistent issue, and to deal with it, you must install a dehumidifier in your rooms. 

We suggest you use it in both seasons, whether winter or summer, especially if you are living in a damp area. It promises not only optimum humidity but keeps the air fresh and clean to breathe healthily. Additionally, it protects your walls, roof, and furniture from getting mold. The bad odor would no more be a problem in your house, and you can enjoy working, enjoying, or sleeping in it pleasantly. 

Things to consider while buying a versatile unit

Following are a few things that you should consider while buying a versatile dehumidifier that works the best for both summers and winters. 

  1. Temperature Resistance 

It is the first essential thing to notice as it let the users know that whether a dehumidifier is compatible with their needs or not. The one to run for extreme temperature sites starts below 40 and above 90 Fahrenheit so that the operation can run in intense summers and winters. 

The best way is to compare your whole year average, lowest and highest temperature with it so you can choose the best for you. 

  1. Pint Capacity 

It is the amount of daily moisture extraction by a dehumidifier. A good pint starts from 20 and can go up to 200 plus depending upon your area need. 

  1. Drainage

The drainage systems are of two types that include both manual and automatic drainage. In the manual, there is a water tank that needs to be emptied when it reaches full capacity. You can place the dehumidifier anywhere in your house with it. 

In automatic drainage, you have to keep your dehumidifier at a particular place as it needs a direct drainage hose connection that can keep the water extraction continuous. It is effortless, but you are not able to move your dehumidifier in all corners of your house. 

  1. Energy efficiency

Although a dehumidifier is a major need, it can cost you high utility bills as you run the machine in most hours of the day. So, when you choose a dehumidifier, you should buy the one with energy star certification. They use very less energy than the traditional units and without compromising on the efficiency.

  1. Size 

If you are looking for a dehumidifier to run the whole year, then you should notice its size as it is going to be permanent in your rooms. Try to prefer compact sizes as they take small space and most of them come with a modern design. 

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A dehumidifier is good to run in all seasons that including both summers and winters. It keeps your room free of extra moisture, mold, bad odor, and other humidity-related issues. You can do the checklist which is mentioned above to know that whether and when you need a dehumidifier.

Also, keep in mind temperature resistance, pint capacity, energy efficiency, size, and drainage system of a dehumidifier so you can get the most compatible unit for you. It is always better to do a good search before buying a product than regret it after you get the wrong one.   

We wish you luck with your next dehumidifier purchase. 


  1. Can I use my dehumidifier in the basement in winter without any heating system? 

Yes, you can use your dehumidifier in the basement without any heating system if it has an automatic defrost feature. It turns on defrosting automatically when the temperature goes down to protect your machine from icing up. Frozen water can damage your unit completely, and you can face a huge loss. So, in order to avoid it, either install a heating system or buy a unit with an automatic defrost. 

  1. What is the price range for a dehumidifier that can work in both winters and summers? 

The versatile units that can work in both hot and cold temperatures are with smart technology and usually have a higher price than the conventional ones. 

A rough idea of the price range is above 100, but it depends upon the size, pint capacity, and area capacity of the dehumidifier. You may get something good lower or higher than this price. 

  1. Is it safe to use the dehumidifier in both summers and winters?

Yes, it is completely safe to use a dehumidifier in both winters and summers as it doesn’t have any such disadvantage that can cause you problems.  Additionally, the continuous operation will give you a very healthy and pleasant atmosphere. 

If you are really planning to keep it throughout the whole year, then you should buy the unit with energy star certification. It is environmentally and saves energy. In this way, you can enjoy your everyday life without any fear of harming the atmosphere outside your room and high utility bills. 

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