Why is my Dehumidifier Blowing Hot Air? -Causes and Fixes

Dehumidifiers are now one of the essential home and office appliances to enjoy a healthy and safe environment. If you are a new user, then you must be having this question in your mind: why is my dehumidifier blowing hot air? 

We are here to answer it. Dehumidifiers usually blow hot air in your environment, but if it is blowing very hot air that you are feeling burning, then it must be treated to avoid any haphazard. 

Following are all the necessary details that you must know related to your question to operate the dehumidifier in your house or office safely.  

How does a Dehumidifier work? 

A dehumidifier works on the operation of a refrigerator. It takes the air from your room and then passes it through coils to extract the extra water. The filtered air is then passed back to your room. 

The coils reheat the air to dry it, which in turn results in blowing hot air by the unit. It is completely normal, and you should not worry about it at all. If the hot air is not light and you feel its intensity, then you must follow the guide given below. 

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Reasons for Blowing very Hot Air? 

Following are the main reasons for a dehumidifier to blow very hot air. 

Fan motor failure 

One of the most common reasons is the failure of the fan motor. If it fails to work, then the coils are very likely to heat up, and this makes the air very hot that passes through them. 

In this situation, you should call a technical expert to replace the fan motor with the new one so you can resume enjoying its healthy operation. 

Compressor failure 

In some cases, the compressor of the dehumidifier fails for several reasons. It can be a voltage problem, or maybe it was not good enough to last for a longer period. You should never retry the operation with a failed compressor as you won’t be able to get any advantage. It is better to replace the unit with a new one as compressors tend to be expensive, and there is no solid guarantee for how long they will work. 

Continuous operation 

If the dehumidifier is not high quality, then you should avoid using it on a continuous operation. This can make the machine very hot, and you can feel the hot air it will blow. 

In this case, you should turn off the operation and give the unit a considerable rest. When it cools completely, you can start the operation again. 

Technical default 

Sometimes the reason can be a technical default. You never know what part and what fault is making the dehumidifier blow hot air. So, the best way is to turn it off for some little time. 

After that, when you turn the operation, if it still continues to do so, then it is time to call an expert. Dealing by yourself can put you in any danger, or maybe you lose the dehumidifier by miss understanding the problem and correcting it the wrong way. 

Wrong humidity setting 

Sometimes there is no technical fault or any part failure of the dehumidifier that causes the unit to blow very hot air. It can be the wrong way to operate it. If you set the wrong humidity, then it might result in hot air.

So, you should call the customer support of the brand you are using and check whether you are using the unit correctly or not. There is another option of reading the manual in detail too to help you in managing the dehumidifier as it is directed to. 

Automatic Defrost goes wrong

Most of the units used in low temperatures have an automatic defrost. If it goes wrong due to any reason, then it can be a reason to blow hot air from the dehumidifier. 

In this case, you need the assistance of an expert as only they can figure it out the right and professional way.  

What Should you do when your Dehumidifier is Blowing Hot Air? 

Following is the guide to dealing with a dehumidifier when it gets to blow very hot air. 

  1. You should switch off the unit and give it rest for a few minutes. 
  2. If resting is not helpful, then you should call customer service and check if the humidity setting is correct. 
  3. The last option is to call the expert team to deal with it. We have emphasized it already because only a technical expert can deal with it the right way. 

Things to Consider while buying a Dehumidifier to avoid after issues

Following is a small guideline that you must follow while buying a dehumidifier. 


The first one is the quality of the dehumidifier. You should look for a renowned brand, so you don’t get any doubts about its quality. The bad quality will be a waste of your money, while a good one would be an investment in switching to a healthy lifestyle. 


Don’t buy any unit without any warranty. It must have at least one year warranty, and some of the units have lifetime technical support. We suggest you go for them as you it would be easier for you to call them without spending any extra money. 

Also, check reviews for customer support as you would need them a lot if you run into any problem related to your dehumidifier.  

Outer material 

Always check the quality of the outer material. It must be hard and made of good quality. The market has options for heat-resistant ones, and you should try to buy those as you will be worry-free from any heating issue afterward. 


Choose the units with smart technology and intelligent control to avoid any chaos with your dehumidifier. The advanced technology allows the dehumidifier to operate safely with its heat resistance and automatic shut off to avoid any part failures. 

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Dehumidifiers blow hot air, but it is normal as long as it doesn’t have any intensity. If it gets intense, then it is a problem that you can solve by following the above guide and calling an expert. 

Choose your dehumidifier wisely by looking at the buying guide given above, so you don’t have to get into any trouble with its operation. We wish you luck with your dehumidifier that you may enjoy a healthy, comfortable, and peaceful experience with your unit. 


What is the best way to deal with a dehumidifier if it is blowing very hot air? 

The best way to deal with it is that you should hire an expert to look into the problem. You should never try solving it as it is an electric appliance, and it must endanger your life. 

We suggest you spend a few dollars on technical support because, in this way, you might be able to restore your unit without replacing it. The professional solves the problem most of the time. 

Is it normal for a dehumidifier to blow a little hot air? 

Yes, it is very normal for a dehumidifier to blow a little hot air because the air has passed through the reheating coils, so it is supposed to be hot. 

This is completely ignorable, and it doesn’t affect the temperature of your room. So, you don’t have to worry about the little heat in its air. 

Is it normal if a dehumidifier blows cold air? 

No, it is not normal if your dehumidifier blows cold air because if it is doing that, it might have a part failure or a technical issue. You should call an expert to look into it so that you can enjoy its operation again. 

It is important that your dehumidifier should blow hot air because this is the process and operation of this unit. The cold air means that it is not working. 

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