Why Is My Dehumidifier Not Draining Through The Hose?

Why Is My Dehumidifier Not Draining Through the Hose? Dehumidifiers eliminate, balance, and maintain the humidity levels inside the rooms and provide air conditioning effects. It works by drawing the hot air waves inside it to the refrigerated coils. The air contracts and slowly produce water droplets through condensation.

The water is collected in the storage tank attached to the dehumidifier and released through a draining hose. The appliance then releases the cooler yet drier air to cool the room. This device also has some health benefits and protects against tiny invaders inside the room, like insects or spiders.

But what if the water is stored in the storage tank and not draining through the hose? There are countless times when a customer complains about the blockage of the hose or gets panicked when the water is not draining. There could be several reasons behind the dehumidifier not draining through the hose.

Some reasons can be as simple as a wrongly attached hose or a broken hose connector. However, let’s dig into why your dehumidifier is not draining through the hose and understand some basic methods to fix this problem.

Check Hose Direction And Connection

Sometimes simply because a person has attached the hose wrongly, a problem arises with water collection in the storage tank. Keep the direction of the hose downwards to the sink drain and not upwards because the uphill water route will not work to drain the water. The drain hose requires gravity to work properly.

Moreover, ensure that the hose end is not sunk in standing water. The pressure of standing water will prevent the drainage of water. Install and position the drain hose correctly to make it work efficiently.

Blocked Or Damaged Hose

Before attaching the hose, ensure that the drain hose does not have any bends, clogs, or any other damaged part to function correctly. Sometimes users can witness the greenish growth inside the hose that blocks the drainage, or other times the hose is damaged.

In such cases, removing the tube from the dehumidifier and cleaning it using a Q-tip is better. While cleaning the hose, wash the nozzle from where the drain hose is attached. After cleaning the nozzle and hose pipe, it is highly expected that the problem will be fixed.

Another helpful technique is to cut the excessive drain hose. This will lower the chances of blockage by eliminating the curved or bent hose.

Correct Installation

Although easy to install, dehumidifiers need to be appropriately fitted.  The humidifier must be leveled above the hose yet closed to the drain to ensure the proper water flow from the appliance. Check the storage tank; if the tank is filled, the humidifier will shut down, and any water-draining method will not work.

Moreover, the adapter of the machine and hose must also be connected properly. Adapter connection problems also lead to excessive water collection in the storage bucket rather than flowing through the hose.

Pump Drain Setup

Some dehumidifiers have a pump drain system that helps pump water up to 15 feet. Dehumidifiers also have an indicating sensor at their back to tell if the hose is connected correctly or not. In case of an incorrectly attached hose, the dehumidifier will no longer be active.

Even after trying the techniques mentioned above, if the dehumidifier is not draining through the hose, there might be a problem with the pump function. This is also not a thing to worry about as it can be easily fixed by resetting the dehumidifier by pressing the pump button for a few seconds.

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What happens when your dehumidifier stops draining through the hose?

Every once in a while your dehumidifier will stop draining through your hose. There could be a number of reasons for that, such as broken seals and hoses, wrong drain connections, and more. In any case, you will have to inspect your unit to find out what’s causing it. Here are some tips on how to fix it.

#1Make sure there is nothing blocking your drainage hose: If there is something blocking your drainage hose, the water won’t drain properly. Check if there is anything inside or outside of your unit preventing water from flowing freely into a sink or outside of your home. Once you make sure that nothing is blocking water from draining properly, check these other possible causes for no drainage.

#2Make sure everything is connected correctly: Before doing anything else check if everything has been connected correctly at installation time (hose-to-drain pipe) and when moving (hose-to-dehumidifier). First, try connecting them again just to make sure they are tight enough but not too tight.

 #3 – Check for any leaking seals: Now you will have to check all possible connections again, starting with your drain hose. Check if there are any leaks in your drainage hose. You can do that by turning on a faucet and putting a few drops of water on each section of your hose. In case there is no leakage water should flow freely from one end to another and then get sucked out by suction from the dehumidifier’s air filter.

What are some possible causes for my dehumidifier to stop draining through the hose?

Maybe you haven’t used your dehumidifier in a while, and mold is growing in it. If that’s happening, there are some ways to clear it out of your machine so that it can drain properly again. You may have a clog somewhere in your hose or drainage system. If so, check for any blockages by running water through each part of your system until you find where it’s getting stuck.

Try using a wire hanger to unclog anything that looks like it might be blocking things up. Don’t use any chemicals or cleaning solutions when doing so—you don’t want them mixing with your standing water!

If none of these steps work, then you probably need to replace something. Check out our guide on how to fix a dehumidifier if you need help figuring out what parts might be broken and how to replace them correctly.

As always, if none of these steps work for you, we recommend calling an expert at 1-800-837-8247 (Mon-Fri 8 am-5 pm EST). They can help diagnose what might be wrong with your unit and get it draining properly again as quickly as possible!

How can I fix my dehumidifier so it starts draining again?

If your dehumidifier is not draining properly, here are a few things you can do to solve that problem. First and foremost, make sure there isn’t a blockage anywhere in the hose or any of your systems.  Sometimes debris will build up inside, causing problems with drainage. You may need to clean out your drain hose with some water and a wire hanger. Next, make sure you have set up your drainage system correctly. Make sure that it is connected directly to an outlet outside of your home (never into an indoor wall outlet). Finally, check for cracks or holes in your bucket or tank – these can lead to leakage and prevent proper drainage from occurring. If none of these issues seem like they could be causing your issue, then it might be time for a new dehumidifier!

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Troubleshooting if your dehumidifier is still not draining correctly

There are a few things you can do to troubleshoot if your dehumidifier is still not draining correctly. First, check to make sure there is nothing blocking it and that it’s not plugged into a particularly strong power source. Second, if your drain hose is obstructed then give it some time to work out whatever is in its way. Finally, if you aren’t using your dehumidifier with a drainage system, they tend to become less efficient over time.


All dehumidifiers are extremely easy to use and require less maintenance, but the condition is to install them properly. An incorrectly installed dehumidifier with a bent, clogged, or damaged hose or with the hose sinking in the standing water can be the most common reason for your dehumidifier not draining through the hose.

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