Will a Dehumidifier Kill Mold?

 A dehumidifier is used to dehumidify the higher levels of humidity. It has become a part of the daily lifestyle of many houses, offices, and business areas. You feel fresh, active, and peaceful with its operation. 

A dehumidifier has numerous benefits, and this is a common question now: will a dehumidifier kill mold? If you have the same confusion, then you don’t have to worry anymore because you have reached the right page. If you want to combat the growing mold with a dehumidifier, then you must know all the details given below. 

Why Mold Grows? 

Mold gives a very discomforting feel when you enter your rooms. It is not only unpleasant, but it does a lot of damage to your expensive furniture and infrastructure. Once it gets in your room, it is an alarming condition that needs your attention. 

Moreover, it has very serious dangers for your health. If you breathe in its air continuously, then you are very likely to get severe respiratory diseases. If you have the same problem with mold, then first you should understand that why it grows. 

There are many porous things in the environment of your room, including your respiratory tract, wood furniture, cardboards, and paint on your walls. The air travels through it. When it has more water, it starts to grow mold that results in damage. 

Main Function of Dehumidifier 

The main function of the dehumidifier is to extract the extra moisture from the air of your room. When the humidity level is higher than 50 to 55%, then it needs to decrease in order to avoid its damage. A dehumidifier does this work very easily without asking for any constant effort from the users. 

It takes the air from your room and passes it to its coils to squeeze it for drainage. The air is then passed to the room without any extra water and the impurities it was accompanying.

Usually, you are not able to wipe the water in your air as extra moisture, and it continuously damages your health, furniture, and infrastructure. Installing a dehumidifier is the best way in which you can deal with the extra water of your house or office. 

Dehumidifier for Killing Mold 

The main cause of mold is extra water, and the main function of a dehumidifier, as mentioned above, is removing the extra water from your air. So, it is the easiest way to deal with mold. 

A dehumidifier stops the growth of mold by its drying efficiency, but it doesn’t clean it completely. You have to do the cleaning properly after the dehumidifier operates and removes all the extra water in your room. 

It is very cost-friendly as you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to deal with mold. Some people feel like they have to leave the house where there is mold, but this unit has made an easy solution for them. 

It is also very user-friendly, you don’t have to supervise it all the time. Now they come with smart technologies to put you at even more convenience, and you enjoy a more comfortable and peaceful experience. 

The following video by LookMold also provides the detailed information about Will a Dehumidifier Kill Mold.

Benefits of a Dehumidifier 

Following are a few benefits of a dehumidifier. 

Prevents Mold 

The first benefit is that it prevents mold, which can cause you huge losses. You can place your expensive things without any fear of getting damaged. It makes you worry-free and comfortable in breathing, sleeping, and doing other works in your room. 

Eliminates Bad odor 

A bad odor is very unpleasant. It makes you feel nauseated, and you are not able to enjoy any comfort and peace in your rooms. Especially when you are having guests, it can make you embarrassed. 

It is the result of extra water in your air, and a dehumidifier eliminates it very efficiently. It is a very exciting benefit that you can enjoy with its operation. 

Improved Air Quality

When the dehumidifier squeezes all the extra water, it leaves the air out with almost no impurity. This improves your air quality to a maximum level. You feel better while breathing in it. 

Additionally, it cuts all your risks of getting any allergies. It is also very beneficial in asthma. Many users agree that they stopped having their asthma episodes after they installed the dehumidifier in their daily lifestyle.  

Easy to Maintain 

It is very surprising that a dehumidifier has a lot of benefits, but it is very easy to maintain. The advantages it provides the users are far more than the effort it requires. 

The operation is very easy to handle, and you can run it all the time or until the ideal humidity is reached. It has easy maintenance in which you have to wash or replace the filters after every three to six months. 

You will never regret installing a dehumidifier if you operate it correctly. Just make sure that you read the manual carefully and do a good search before you start using it. 

It is easy to use, but still, you must be careful with it, especially if it is your first time with it. 

How to Choose a Dehumidifier 

Following is the guide to get the best dehumidifier for you. It is very important that you should know about its operation and its features before you buy it, so you don’t have to regret anything after. 

High Pint Capacity 

The first thing is to look at high pint capacity. It is the amount of daily water extraction by a dehumidifier. If your humidity level is very high, then you should go for a higher pint capacity to make the process efficient and fast. You can convert it into liters. Most of the manuals have it, but you can also search online. 

Compatible Area Capacity

Most of the users ignore the area capacity when they buy a dehumidifier. We suggest you first measure the area of your room and then make sure that it is compatible with the area capacity of the unit you are buying. 

If it is incompatible, then the unit will not work properly, and you will end up wasting your money. 

Energy Efficiency 

A dehumidifier can cost you a lot if you don’t pay attention to its energy utility. The market has a lot of options for energy star-certified units that use very little energy than other conventional ones.


Drainage System

The drainage system is also very important to consider. You must decide it before you buy a unit because it can cause you problems after if you are not sure about your need. 

There are two types of drainage systems. One of them is manual in which the water is squeezed into the water tank, and the users need to empty it when it reaches the full capacity. 

 The other one is a direct drainage system in which the users need to connect a drain hose and keep it out of the house for and effortless drainage. 


The efficiency of the dehumidifier greatly depends upon the maintenance of the dehumidifier. If you leave them for too long without cleaning, then the unit will stop working as per your expectations and need. 

When you buy a dehumidifier, you should look at its maintenance. The market has both replaceable and washable filters. We recommend you go for the washable ones because you don’t have to spend any money after every three to six months over your filters. 


Every dehumidifier comes with a different control. Always go for the latest ones as they are more adjustable and easier to handle. You should look for the option it has for timer setting, too, because it will let you know that how convenient the machine is for you. 

Most of the units now have a digital control system with a humidity display to make it easier for the users to observe the humidity statistics. The fan speed must also be very adjustable, and usually, it has three modes. It will help you to put the unit on a sleep mode or dry the room with low fan speed and high fan speed, respectively. 


Dehumidifiers are getting more and more common day by day. It is one of the best solutions for mold as it is a result of high humidity, and the dehumidifier lowers it. 

A dehumidifier is an easiest and most friendly way of fighting against dangerous and alarming mold. It has other benefits, too, such as eliminating bad odor, protecting from allergies, and making the air pure for the users to breathe in it.

It keeps you comfortable and peaceful by cleansing your atmosphere without asking for any constant effort from you. When you buy a dehumidifier, keep in mind that you consider the pint capacity, area capacity, drainage system, control, and filter maintenance of the unit. 

We wish you luck with the next purchase of your dehumidifier to make your house or workplace free of mold. 

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